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It ended quite a while ago, resulting in a rather nice headphone setup. No expensive speakers coming to this room. DSPs in anywhere except in car are too much against my philosophy. This apartment just isn't suitable for a good listening room. Can't give anything to your research. I aim for purity and simplicity and I also don't have any issues with headphones. = /
It's not cottage cheese. = )
I'm not sure if that was just part of the joke, but that's in fact a sort of cheese. Nice tasting and healthy one. Sorry for off topic though. = )
Once in a while I get this urge to try something new just for the sake of it. But still enjoying ATH-W3000ANV so much. Excellent headphones. = ) Maybe I just need to upgrade my power cords next. xD
I'm pretty sure that Luxman knows what to do... I'm not opening my amp, that's for sure! = ) Someone could measure it though, from the connector to the chassis, no need to open it.
Beautiful! Not bad... headphones either.
Well, my experience with different amps isn't that huge, but I must still most sincerely recommend this. This is all I could ask for in this setup. = )
Need to admit that I didn't read the whole text, but in my opinion, the shadows look normal and you exaggerated the differencies. Also, from the pretty tight crop you can't say how the environment is.
Ones in the middle look shopped to me. = /
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