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Beautiful! Not bad... headphones either.
Well, my experience with different amps isn't that huge, but I must still most sincerely recommend this. This is all I could ask for in this setup. = )
Need to admit that I didn't read the whole text, but in my opinion, the shadows look normal and you exaggerated the differencies. Also, from the pretty tight crop you can't say how the environment is.
Ones in the middle look shopped to me. = /
You get my respect for knowing that! Though, I would rather post a picture of Nao Nagasawa, but can't find any with headphones...
That crossed my mind once or twice too and I could probably use that as my excuse. =D But I really don't know if it affects the actual volume heard on the phones.
I actually considered them, but I couldn't figure out any valid reason to get them.
 I never heard the P-1u, maybe sadly. My previous Luxman was SQ-N100, a terrific amp for both speakers and headphones. Another one of items I've wanted for a while. Somehow I believe that they're mostly about the important aspects instead of magic and fancy look. Not saying that they don't look the part though, minimalistic and classy. I also have good experiences of rhodium plating so it was an easy choise.
Quote: Yes, that's right.  By the way, I don't appreciate the term Schiit connected to my Luxman here... xD Heh, well anyway, words can't describe how happy I am with this setup. This was the first time when I've been able to go out and just buy the exact gear I wanted. This is it.
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