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        No explaining needed I think. Not really something I use too often but got to post the photos. =D Also, the sound is lovely.
ATH-WS1100 seems very interesting yes. Thanks for the tip!
Thanks for your input. I am looking for more fun, more bassy headphones to use at times instead of my ATH-W3000ANV. Perhaps MSR7 would suit this need.
I am way too lazy to go through the thread... =D How is the bass compared to M50X's bass? Tried my friends new ATH-M50X like two hours ago and the bass was very nice with pop music.
  Aya Hirano - キセキノイロ
Should go well then because 120dB is insanely loud and P-700u can surely give a lot more than 4W of peak power.
Hi everyone, especially HE-6 owners. = ) Would my Luxman P-700u be suitable to drive these headphones?
Thank you for your view. = )
Is W3000ANV more detailed? I know it is more than detailed enough for me.
  SCANDAL - Sparkling
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