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I'm really getting discouraged by the lack of available info.... I mean.. really... I want them to take my money x.x
I'm wondering if there has been any news or info about the Xonar U7 launch date. My current mobo is too full of GPU's to fit a Sound card so I have to go external (just nipping this issue before it comes up). I saw someone on here had one and there are one or two amazon sellers but, nothing from more "official" outlets..
We have a set of Bose Model 101 Series II Music Monitors but, I think I'd need to buy additional equipment to use them. If I needed an amp/receiver that would easily shoot past the cost of a headset and it would unfortunately leave me without a mic if I needed on in the future. Considering the mixamp pro but, I could get the Pulse Elite Sony headset for the same price on amazon.| At this point, my wallet seems to be slightly bloody no matter what I do.
I'd considered such a device but, when I noticed the price ranging pretty wildly, I figured it may be a safer bet to just grab a new set of cans.  I'm willing to give it a shot if someone has a decent set up but, it seems like it might be more trouble than it is worth if I have to switch the audio and such constantly.
I already have a set of Sennheiser 598's that I absolutely love. They are wonderful for both gaming and music and any general task I could want to do on my computer. They work fine where I do most of my gaming but, I've been getting back into playstation games as well lately. I've been playing  a good bit more PS3 trying to "wrap up" my must play games list before PS4 launches. My T.V. speakers are fine for watching netflix/movies and such but, they are a bit sub par...
I haven't heard them myself yet but, I have yet to hear anything negative about the Astrotec M90's and have a pair arriving Friday for myself. Supposedly has punchy bass, and great balance overall. Not a "bass monster" but, I get the impression they fit your criteria well.
I'm ordering a new set of headphones tomorrow. I'm hoping the Nuforce NE700x's will be a substantial upgrade either way. May still order something else but,they seem like best bang for buck. Edit: Should probably mention the cord on the MEE 9's is not braded though it appears to be. There is plastic over it, and I'm considering the Astrotec AM-90's since they have stellar reviews almost universally here along with cheap cost.
No worries, thanks for the assistance.  
I could hear a popping sound but, it was organic sounding rather than mechanical.
It's actually somewhat random. The most noticible time I can remember is I was just walking to go get water in the gym and the cord moved across my shorts. The MP3 player I'm using is my former phone the Samsung Captivate. Usually there is plenty of room in my pocket as my gym clothes are somewhat baggy. No AMPs and the MP3 player is almost 2 years old.
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