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---SOLD---Sony ZX2 in mint condition. Bought end March 2015 from Sony Store Malaysia.   Original box, all original accessories plus bubble screen protector and Cruzerlite case   Sale only no trades. Will not hold or reserve.   Australia : $925 shipped(by road) + paypalled   PM for cash on pickup from Box Hill or overseas shipping(please note I will not under declare value)
--SOLD--Westone W30  bought late April 2015 with 19 months of Westone warranty left. Condition mint, the supplied tips have not been used as I have my own silicone tips. All original cables and accessories included in original box.   $300 shipped + paypalled Not taking offers, Australia only for now. No trades, sale only.
Will be switching to IEMs, so both my headphones up for sale. Sale only, no trades. Australia only for now .   --SOLD--Sennheiser Momentum M2 AEG wired over ear (black) is the latest 2.0 version compatible with Android devices. About 3 weeks old, hardly used excellent condition. $350 shipped & paypalled--SOLD--   --SOLD--Beyer DT1350 (Facelift version with straight cable), about 8 months. Condition very good . $220 shipped& paypalled. Original box and all accessories...
--SOLD--Sony CKL NWZX2 leather flip case, excellent condition. For sale only, no trades.   Australia only as international shipping fees from Australia will be quite high.   $90 shipped+paypalled. Pick up from Box Hill only, $80 PM for details.
--SOLD--Bought June 2014 from authorised Australian dealer. Lightly used and in very good condition with no visible scratches. Original box and all original accessories included, ¼” adapter, nylon carry case and flight adapter Some impressions here.   Australia :  $240 cash on pick up from Box Hill or $260 shipped (express post with $200 cover) and paypalled. International :  PM for shipping rates , declared value will be Aud$240 .   Price firm, sale only No...
--Sold--Bought from MP4 Nation Sept 2013. Currently running F/W Sound Unlocked 1.3.3.   Comes with original box, silicone case, USB n coaxial cable  . Scuff marks on silicone case and back cover.   Sale only, no trades. Asking $130 cash on pick up from Box Hill or $145 shipped (road transport only) and paypalled .
---SOLD---Sale only, no trades. Will not hold or reserve   LNIB  NAD Viso HP50 (black) bought end May 2014 from A2A.   Very low usage, all original accessories and box.   $100 off RRP, $249 shipped and paypalled or $225 cash on pick up from Box Hill.
KEF M500     M500 bought 05-08-13 from Razordog, selling as it’s not getting much head time, I reckon less than 50 hours of use. Good condition, no visible scratches or nicks. $150 cash on pick up from Box Hill--sold--     All original accessories and boxes included   Australia only sale for now, prefer pick up, shipping with signature on delivery. Price firm, no trades.
  Glad you're enjoying it mate, all credit for the SQ of the DBV # 3 T50RP should go to Bluemonkeyflyer, I have only tweaked it slightly using his guide to achieve more bass and reduce the treble by removing the treble reflectors.  
--SOLD--Up for sale a pair of T50RPs modded by Bluemonkeyflyer the originator of the DBV#3 mod. Got them at the start of the year as a favour from friend and fellow head fier BMF aka Keith.   I have since tweaked it to give a little more bass and less treble by removing the treble reflectors. Please refer to this thread for further info. Keith has also kindly included some accessories like felt, cotton pieces and head band comfort strap. All these will be...
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