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I just want to apologize for what I said before about women, I have to admit: 1. I am damaged 2. I don't understand girls (any girls want to teach me? ) And to the moderators: I appreciate being able to be here as a guest. Unfortunately sometimes I forget my common sense.
I had an ASL MG Head Mark III DT/OTL and I loved every minute of it. I learned a lot about tubes from rolling that amp and I thought it had a great sound. I switched to an integrated amp with a headphone jack but I actually miss the MG Head for it's smooth and airy sound, although it can be a little slow and syrupy, it sure sounds nice (gotta change out those stock tubes though.)
Coffee gives me a stomach ache. I prefer guarana seed powder.
First off, Louis is the nicest and most helpful professional audio dealer I have ever met. For one thing, I own the Minuets, and I accidently blew a driver playing the speakers too loud and he is replacing it for free. Although my hi-fi experience is limited, I've never heard a speaker that I enjoyed more. These speakers play quite loud, and sound much bigger than they are. It's possible the frequency spectrum might seem to be tipped slightly towards the highs, so the...
Quote: Originally Posted by radrd ATTN: The two tinnitus threads started by Asterix should not be read. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by eyeteeth I understand there are some newly vacanted positions needing to be filled in parts of Afghanistan. You could probably find like minded brothers there. Uh, what? I'm not saying anybody's religion is right... and I thought we werent supposed to be bring religion into this. What exactly are you trying to say? Please explain...
Quote: Originally Posted by mjg Just wondering, how many hours on the silver dragon? I had it for a few weeks, and I use my headphones almost every night when I can't use my speakers, and I don't sleep much...
Quote: Originally Posted by PsychoZX I think he ment that with headphones on he doesn't notice his tinnitus as much as when listening to speakers, not that they are easier on the ears. Also Asterix, you definately should try to go to the doctor for your tinnitus because sometimes it can be caused by ear wax impacted against your eardrum and your ears may not be really damaged. This happened to me a couple of months ago. Ok
Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen 'The Trio' (I think it's in Chicago) that and 'The Good Life' are the best Trio stuff I've heard. Although Bill Evans truly amazes me, he has not quite laid the grooves in my brain quite like OP can.
Quote: Originally Posted by setmenu Hi Asterix I remember when i first developed tinnitus it drove me crazy, making me highly irritable and depressed. mercifully mine is mild in that It is masked sufficiently my most ambient sounds. But that said it is possible to tune into it if I try. Generally though the biggest influence on it is my general state of mind, if I am feeling good I pay little attention to it but on the other hand if I am feeling...
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