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Dude, get the Zino's and transplant the drivers. There are many rumors that the Zino drivers came from a larger Ultrasone phone and from trying the drivers out in several larger enclosures I can say that this is almost certainly true. They sound better in every enclosure that I've tried than the original Zino enclosure.   I'll tell the truth, after spending only $70 for the Zino's and hearing how good the drivers sound in other, larger enclosures my desire to buy more...
ljokerl, have you seen these...   Quote: Originally Posted by Olimoronio  Head Trip NX-HTDJ Pro DJ Headphones           Rotating ear cups for DJ-style monitoring and remix use  Compact, foldable design for easy storage and traveling Sweat-resistant sports earpads Twistz locking design so they stay firmly in place no matter how extreme your sport 4' and 8' detachable woven polycloth covered...
I have never heard an AKG unfortunately. The Cortex's do go lower and yes I'm sure that they are the same as the Prodide's minus the tape. At least, when I took them apart that was the only discernible difference.   Same enclosures, same sqaure piece of foam inside, same slots (but like I said half of the Prodipe's are covered while the Cortex are completely open), same drivers etc, etc. If there is another difference I couldn't see it.   The Cortex's do go...
I'm 38. I learned early to use earplugs at concerts and while at the shooting range... thank goodness.
That's surprizing. I've owned three pairs now and a pair of their clones, the Cortex CHP2500's, and all seemed built to last IMO.     BTW, The ONLY difference between the Cortex's and the Prodipe's is that felt tape over the vent slots at the rear of the enclosure. The Prodipe's have half of the vents covered with the tape and the Cortex's (IIRC) have no tape at all. The Cortex's do go deeper and hold onto a note longer but they are a bit slower. They are PERFECT for...
My hearing starts to fall off at 16K and above 17 I'm deaf.
You say warm and lush in one instance then you say mids as forward as possible. This kind of seems like a contradiction to me.   Prodipe Pro800's are made in Europe and have MOST of your requirements down pat. Might want to give those a try.
Yup, RadioShack. Sorry, didn't realise you were from Europe. Let me read you description again.  
Well, knock-off or not they sound fantastic especially for the price.    
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