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Unlike the case of ARM1,we still have few information even the release 2 month after. Here is the ARM2 video shows by their distributor or fabricator. You can see ARM2 from the part of 1min. around. I have a couple of things more need to care, external slot, applicable format and software support.
I found the article showing AR-M2 at Audi-Visual show in Hong Kong this August. It looks run with Chrome OS!
I agree "the standards" is price standard :-P 
Supporting higher bit number source or DSD, it must have external slot'(s) up to 128GB! :-) Recently DAP information, images and spec., will be leaked a couple of month ahead though...
One shop guy told me they will release M2 in this December. Hope lower price, keep PCM179x DAC, support micro SD 64GB or larger.
HI ! Did you find how to ? I am looking forward your info. ! :-)
Oh! Thank you for the information. I did not know that:-)Do you know where is the information to mod the file? I meant how to open the ARM1 body to see SD slot.Thanks!
Could you let me know how did you open it? Did someone tried swap TFcard to 64GB? I would like to swap it ,if it does work.
News of the new palyer release, it is a good news for me anyway. Jack said N1 and N3 is for entry model and he will release the hiend model in 2013. The hiend model will have higher sound quality and performances than current Studio. I hope the new players will be! :-)
I meant the current N3 sound is smaller volume and more less bass comparing N1. The less bass that I feel, it caused by volume level for me. So I expect N3 EQ get better than N1 by next firmware update.
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