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HI ! Did you find how to ? I am looking forward your info. ! :-)
Oh! Thank you for the information. I did not know that:-)Do you know where is the information to mod the file? I meant how to open the ARM1 body to see SD slot.Thanks!
Could you let me know how did you open it? Did someone tried swap TFcard to 64GB? I would like to swap it ,if it does work.
News of the new palyer release, it is a good news for me anyway. Jack said N1 and N3 is for entry model and he will release the hiend model in 2013. The hiend model will have higher sound quality and performances than current Studio. I hope the new players will be! :-)
I meant the current N3 sound is smaller volume and more less bass comparing N1. The less bass that I feel, it caused by volume level for me. So I expect N3 EQ get better than N1 by next firmware update.
  I like bassy sound that most head-fier saying, The bass makes high tone sound clearer and more sharp, sometime. I said I like N1 sound now, but I could enjoy the N3 sound if I listening 10 minuits more. The differencess I noticed was found when I listen carefully to try to find the differences with the two players.  For other Head-fier, I recommend to choice N3 it would be safe.
Yes, N3 is easier on the ears. I just like to enjoy the music with louder volume :-)  Hiss level I feel mostly the same with N1, Unlike RoCooP,I do not mind the hiss level on NOVA series.
My N3 has arrived. Firmware version is N3-2.0 2013-01-24. Still has flac file playing problem. I compared the sound with N1 after 24 hours burn-in. N3 sound is totally lighter than N1. N3 max. volume is the same with n1 level 29. And not bassy and not so hifi like Jack said. Jack said the new firmware will be released after chinese new year. (I guess next week?) He said it makes N3 max volume higher. If I dare say better point of N3 comare with N1, N3  is good for long...
Now N1 is better in both of terms 3D imaging and vocal/instruments separation. I could feel more difference if N1 sound power could be higher.
According Jack, my N3 has shipped this week. I expect I could get it by next two weeks.
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