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Hi.   As of Nov.2014,they said "5” IPS HD LCD multi-touch screen". I do not know the real size.
Wow! The time has come??  Will they have pre-order ? I hope they have. HKD7980 is mostly ZX2 price, too high for me! > <
Unlike the case of ARM1,we still have few information even the release 2 month after. Here is the ARM2 video shows by their distributor or fabricator. You can see ARM2 from the part of 1min. around. I have a couple of things more need to care, external slot, applicable format and software support.
I found the article showing AR-M2 at Audi-Visual show in Hong Kong this August. It looks run with Chrome OS!
I agree "the standards" is price standard :-P 
Supporting higher bit number source or DSD, it must have external slot'(s) up to 128GB! :-) Recently DAP information, images and spec., will be leaked a couple of month ahead though...
One shop guy told me they will release M2 in this December. Hope lower price, keep PCM179x DAC, support micro SD 64GB or larger.
HI ! Did you find how to ? I am looking forward your info. ! :-)
Oh! Thank you for the information. I did not know that:-)Do you know where is the information to mod the file? I meant how to open the ARM1 body to see SD slot.Thanks!
Could you let me know how did you open it? Did someone tried swap TFcard to 64GB? I would like to swap it ,if it does work.
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