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I have a pair of Hifiman HE-5LE bought from HeadRoom in 2011. Used them on a regular basis until Feb this year. Condition-wise, they're about 8/10. Comes with wooden case, stock single-ended cables, balanced HE-6 cables, XLR-to-1/4" adapter, single replacement earpad. The balanced HE-6 cables are on the way out, the right channel was shorting out. I've tried fixing it by resoldering a new connector onto it, but it's still a bit flaky. The single-ended stock cable works...
I've listed the details over in the amps forum: http://www.head-fi.org/t/690260/little-dot-mk-vii-balanced-amp-and-little-dot-dac-i   If cross-posting isn't allowed, then whoops, lemme know and I'll take this down. (Didn't find any rules against it..)
Up for sale is a good beginner's balanced DAC and amp setup. I bought them together from Little Dot in May 2010 for around $700 shipped. MK VII+ was used until Dec 2011, DAC_I was used until May 2013. Since then, they've been sitting and gathering dust, so I figured I might as well let someone else enjoy them.   Condition-wise, the amp is 9/10, with slight scratches on the volume knob, while the DAC is 7/10 with a slight nick on the back and a slightly wobbly power entry...
Ah that's true, it would indeed point to the back once you put the left cup on the right. Definitely agreed that dual-entry is overkill.
I think the cups are interchangeable, so you could probably put the left cup with the 3-pin mini-XLR onto the right side and do a y-split.   As for where to order the cups, I think I just went to their website and found a number to call. There's no online store for parts AFAIK. There's also the service manual with the part numbers somewhere but I forget where I found that. This was all a couple years ago...
I have not tried it, but I can't imagine it'd be too hard. And I definitely agree that 4-pin XLR should be used more, though I can see the large size of the connector being a disadvantage compared to other balanced connectors (like the one used on the RSA Protector). Though the larger connector does also mean it's easier to solder... :)
  You used your soldering iron to dislodge the mini-XLR? Well I hope you were wearing a mask and not breathing in the fumes from burning plastic! But whatever works, right? I'll admit It's a lot more convenient than having to find a press. Good to hear that this guide I wrote almost a year ago is useful!
Has anyone compared the included tri-flanges with Ety tri-flanges? From my brief memory with a defective pair a while ago, the Ety's were a really tight fit onto the nozzle, but I don't remember much about how they sounded compared to my current new pair.
I finally got my pair after a mixup in the shipping address. I tried using the stock tips, but they didn't fit my ears well at all. I then tried the included triple-flanges, which fit very well, and I get a pretty deep insertion.   The amount of bass is definitely not lacking, and this is out-of-the-box. Compared to my balanced AKG K702, the DBA-02's even feel a tad bit bassier. I really can't find any complaints about the bass except that it doesn't extend as low...
No, I'm still waiting as well, and I'm in Norcal right now. I'm just wondering if everyone in the US who got theirs already got Xpress Post shipping or mine is just especially slow. Will check mail again when I get back from work though.
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