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Indeed. Thanks though!
Not super keen on a device that doesn't integrate the speaker amp as well. But maybe I'm asking for too much.
I'm interested in others' opinions on options for an all-in-one USB audio, DAC, headphone and small power amp combo. The most popular along these lines that seems to be decent is the Nuforce Icon-2. I'm basically in the market because I want to save space and simplify my setup. Here is what I have:   27" iMac Teralink X2 for USB -> S/PDIF Zero DAC / Headphone Amp Lepai LP-2020A+ for desktop speakers   (The reason I have the Teralink is an annoying one--the...
Very interesting as regards the noise point. Still frustrating. It's pretty annoying if I want to watch videos on Youtube or something, because I'll watch a video, it will click off, then click on when I click another... etc.
I've had a Zero DAC for two years now and it's been great for my modest needs. Previously, I had it hooked up to my 20" first-gen Intel iMac and it worked like a charm. However, I've recently noticed that on my new 27" iMac, after a relatively short period of inactivity, the Zero DAC clicks off and then has to click back on for the next sound event. It's a bit annoying and I never had this problem with the 20" iMac. Reading various posts it sounds like this has been...
Well, yes and no. It's likely that the frequency of the sound can influence how damaging it is, e.g. 100dB of 20 Hz is different than 100dB of 20kHz. There are certainly resonance considerations as well. Quote: Originally Posted by Chri5peed D'oh, its all about 'Sound Pressure Levels'. No type of headphone is any worse than any other when XdB is being processed by the brain. In fact any noise in general. Standing beside a jack-hammer in the...
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