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 I think i might have some of those in a box somewhere :DNow, if the iems were at home... :P
Ok, thanks.Let me know your toughts when you have the chance to listen again.
 Just bought a pair of these (FLAT4-Kuro Titanium regular) after a brief listening session yesterday (5 min!) with the original flat 4 kuro :)Trying to get some info regarding the sound signature of the titanium vs other versions. Hopefully the Ti Plus will be also to my liking.Let's (wait and) see.
I had the oportunity of listening the first iteration of the flat 4 Kuro and I liked it a lot, can anyone tell me if the AKA Ti Plus shares the same sound signature? If not, in what do they differ, besides the fact that the housing of one is plastic and in the other is titanium?
Because it's not admissible that a new iem with 2 weeks of use (less than 10 hours of head time) starts to get discoloration.Common sense to me.
Thats too bad. I guess ill have to return the iems to the dealer then, if no reply at all.
I've sent an email @angela cardas questioning this issue.I'll get back once replied.
2 or 3 weeks at most.
Today iv'e noticed that in both ear speakers some black spots started to appear?!?!? (the iems were bought new around 2 weeks ago, not even burnt in yet)   Does anyone experienced such a thing?         Appreciate any comments, thanks.
Hi,Thanks for sharing.Can you please link me to to that specific Comply tips?
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