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Selling my speaker cables in absolute pristine condition. Harmonic Technology PRO9 REF - 2,5 mts - spades both ends. ----€ plus shipping.
 Iup, i know they have that opinion.I beg to differ. Any cable will do the job, just not in the same way (for good or worst) IMO.
If you can find a second hand Transparent Premium (more "hifi" sounding) or a Tellurium Q Black Diamond (more relaxed and "analog'ish") you are good to go. IMHO of course in the context of my own system and personal tastes.Either way they are both a great choice.
hum...i'm using the power base...
 Just messing with you ;) I've never tried an after market fuse in the MSB dac, just trying to get some opinions. From your reply i thought you're being ironic, wasn't you?
Thanks Dan.Have you changed it?Negura: have you tried different ones? Which have you chosen?
Yes. But I won't share it with you. 😜And it's not golden, it's platinum.
Have someone changed the fuse from the Analog dac? What's the size/Amperage of the fuse?
Yeah right Add the volume control option, power base and quad rate and you get close to 13k..Do you feel it is a mandatory module? For reclocking I can do that with the aluminum remote, are the other options an added value in your opinion?The filters are very different?
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