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For sale my JCAT card. The card is the latest version and works perfectly.listening. It cost me 400 Euro + 10 Euro for shipping. Asking 310 Euro shipped.
For sale a FOSTEX HP-A8C DAC/Headphone amplifier.900€ plus shipping costs. Thanks for looking.
Apex Twin?
Looking for one of this in mint condition. (   Thanks!
Selling an Auralic Taurus mk2 in pristine condition. Price includes shipping within EU.
For sale my AMI Musik DS5, in like new condition, few months old.
For sale my AR DAC7.Add shipping. Thanks for looking.
Selling an Auralic Taurus MK2, still sealed in the box. Payment by bank transfer or paypal (without fees) Add shipping. Thanks for looking.
Selling my Yulong D200. The DAC is in perfect condition and comes with original packaging. It's a very linear and transparent piece of gear.   Thanks Vitor
EU only.
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