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Take-sumi is, by far, my favourite black.But $50 is excessive. If it is really take-sumi 竹 炭 you mean then it's easily had for about half that. [[SPOILER]]
Hahaha!Looks amazing!
Here's the sakura sencha. This one is much less complex - a lower quality tea for sure - but delightful, simple, and full of flavour. The cherry blossoms add a floral sweetness, but also a bit of spice - almost the tiniest hint of mild cinnamon. (sorry, I'm rubbish at gustatory analogies)
Showed up over the weekend, so I dove into the Tamaryoku-cha today.With a fairly low temp/short steep (70°C for 70 seconds) it makes for some lovely and surprisingly complex flavours - faint fruitiness (dried berries?) and grass, slightly more pronounced mineral, and a wonderful nutty finish. There is just a hint of astringency that I like in my tea, which almost completely disappeared on the second infusion, and came back with a vengeance on the third infusion because I...
I use psb bookshelf speakers with my 980 in my study all day long.They sound great together, but I wanted to get the Pioneers, however I was in India at the time and had to buy what I could find locally. The psb are great, sonically and aesthetically, but also substantially more money (especially in India ). If circumstances had permitted I would likely have the Pioneers instead.
I have not, but it looks damn fine. It will have to go onto the to-do list. Cheers. Last night I roasted the sesame seeds until they just started to pop - as per instruction. It makes the sesame sauce very dark, too dark. Next time I will skip the roasting and go straight to grinding in mortar and pestle, on recommendation from a friend who does this dish all the time.
Not yet. Actually, it was more than another week before I finally got around to ordering anything. I ended up going for a yume-wakaba sencha, some tamaryoku-cha, and some Uji matcha to replenish my dwindling supply (and I was a skinflint with the shipping options). I'll let you know what I think when they arrive. But I'm kicking myself now for not grabbing some gyokuro too. I may have to make a quick visit to Den's site to remedy that - I see they are offering a sakura...
Spinach Gomaae (sesame sauce) and some tilapia.
I've never even heard of such a concoction - sounds fascinating not to mention seriously satiating. Tonight I went with mini kimchi burgers and tamanegi kakiage (たまねぎ かきあげ) - sort of tempura onion rings - with grated daikon and ginger for in the dipping sauce.
I just finished watching the second episode of Cooked. It's much better than the first and has some great history of and insights into the food industry. Everyone should watch this.
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