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Nice. My mini came with a fine, but I think I will swap the nib out for the 1.1 stub.
Keep in mind, the driver's can say whatever they want - so we might still hear some of what is going on inside the cockpits (well, except maybe Kimi's). And that includes whining. "You have to leave a space! All the time you have to leave a space!"
FIA clarifies radio clampdown for F1 teams "Italy's Autosprint said information about the operation and function of energy-recovery is not allowed, as is notifications about tyre temperature, clutch settings and brake wear - among many other instructions outlined in a detailed document. Additionally, any messages that appear encoded are not allowed. It means that only basic radio messages are now permitted, including time gaps, positions, traffic and verbal...
Okay, I've done some more thorough reading on IG inks and it seems the trepidation is unwarranted (probably). So next time I order some ink (when is that Herbin Stormy Grey due?) I will include a bottle of Scabiosa and give it a shot. AND ... if my pen clogs, melts, explodes, withers, or spews forth slanderous lies, I will hold brhfl personally responsible.
Certainly Lewis's tire wore extremely quickly when Nico's front wing was damaged in Spa.
I must grab a sample of Syrah - it seems to have a dash more purple in it. I'm tempted to grab some Scabiosa, but in truth I'm a little scared of IGs. I do have some DA Aubergine in the inbound package too.
But not always lap times - at least not always negatively (or should that be positively, since we are are talking lap times?).
That's a classic - South Africa isn't it? The era from late 80s - early 90sproduced some great looking cars.
Well not a lot of food actually, but admittedly some drink . Besides, once you have kids, weekends are no longer yours. In truth, I'm expecting another well sealed package today or tomorrow containing, among other things sundry, Yama-guri, Lie de Thé, and Oxblood. I wanted to see if one of those might make a better inaugural ink than what I happen to have on hand at the moment.
Also want! I have his sanguine sibling winging her way to me right now.I'm keen to try a Falcon sometime - f-pens are like headphones, so hard to find someplace to audition.This arrived late last week, but I haven't even inked her up yet.
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