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Didn't see that coming!I find myself going for long, long stretches before I realize I haven't fired up an amp. But, when I do it's magical all over. I'd have to think long and hard (phrasing!) about selling of any of my preciousssss. But if I'm honest, I could probably get rid of 2/3's of my kit and not suffer very much - and I have a pretty modest setup by head-fi standards.Still ... didn't see that coming!
Looking forwards to things getting going again this weekend in Spa. Summer break seems so long these days. Unfortunately, the last half of the season also always goes by so much more quickly than the first half.
Yup I was a McLaren supporter for twenty plus years. When Lewis moved to Merc I used it as an excuse to finally throw in the towel on Woking - it had become so very painful to be a Macca fan. That said, I would love to see McLaren Honda emerge as a serious contender (especially as a Red/White car!). Be a real shame though if it means Jenson get's the boot.
I concur. I can't think of a recording that I listen to, on any of my cans, on a regular basis wherein sibilance is particularly noticeable, let alone irksome.If one goes looking for it ... perhaps.
Ya, I'm with you there. My 3000s are currently pumping out and she sounds lovely.
On the other hand, how much more is there to be said about the 3000s which hasn't already been covered?
I gotta find a set of 900s to see in the flesh, because every online image of them looks like glittery plastic which puts me in mind of the bumper cars at my home town fair grounds when I was a lad.
- Hamilton's first DNF was from failure of the equivalent of a spark plug wire. - In Germany his brakes failed on his first hot lap of qualy. - In Hungary his fuel hose started spraying fuel onto his engine on his first lap of qualy. Theses are accidents where he's driven the crap out of of the car and destroyed these particular parts? How do you over rev your spark plug wire or your fuel hose?
It's not like Nico is kicking the tires and changing the oil on a regular basis.
Fernando should be working on his 5th title this year. For years I used to loathe Ferrari and the way they went racing. Now I just feel bad for them. I'm a huge fan of Daniel's, and I absolutely love that he is showing Vettel his rear wing all year, but it's a bit premature to say he deserves the championship. Rosberg has done a much better job than I thought he was capable of - however the championship lead is 11 points and the reliability score card is 1.5 - 4. I...
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