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It says they know to whom they sell.
Not only did Sky keep showing his inlapcrash in FP3 and Qualy, but also had to keep showing his own mechanics laughing at him. Love it!But you have to admit it was pretty funny when Seb started complaining about Kamui unlapping himself.
Loved the team radio in that race. And I was glad to see Alonso back up on the podium. Feel bad for Kamui though. My favourite part of the weekend was this:
Starting to miss the gratuitous shipping info.
I'm staggered that they managed to sell out their first run stock so quickly, especially since there was no official advertising/pre-order before the actual release. I wonder if they really did have 1k units on the first run. For the guys in Singapore, it sucks that the shipping companies are messing you about like this. But take heart, on just about every other thing relating to headphones you guys have massive advantages on most of us in the rest of the world. And...
The advantages of the Merc are derived from the overall design - putting the turbo and compressor at opposite ends. That is very much copy-able. The real question is how far along Honda is on their own power plant. I'd be surprised if they could scrap their design and start over from scratch at this point. Macca will have already started designing their 2015 car around whatever Honda has got. Whether they have already thought of this approach, or whether they can modify...
Mine's showing it's in Cincinnati at the moment - (but I won't get it for at least a couple of weeks).Let me know when you get yours, please. I'm very curious as to what import duties get charged this time. Usually nothing from iBasso gets tagged, but I think it's always been EMS, not DHL, in the past for me.
You do know it's going to be rubbish right? Why do you think all those who have got it go all silent as soon as they receive it?
Just to dig this thread back up, Anyone take advantage of the recent Fuji sales? I picked up an X-e2 and a few lenses, to try to up my game once again after realizing how rubbish my photos from the past decade are. It's definitely a fun 'little' camera.
This has got to be the Head-fi thread which has the highest volume of gratuitous shipping information, which I haven't completely abandoned ... yet.
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