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Still no impresson at all? :S IFA almost ended...
That 1.35m cable is simply way too long! Its a current problem for me with the MA750, hoped it will change with the next model, but it seems it will be the same :S
I dont think so, but you can grab one from lendme as well from late Aug.
Yes it should be around 45, but penon sell it for more, so in that case its reduced price..
Pricing (preorder or normal)?
21,4 kg 27,6 kg 23,2 kg
 Head-fi/for sale
I dont own any amp. :)And yes, I thought about the ud110+cmoy combo, but the DX50 would be only 50$ more.. So if the foregoing combo is not better (or even worse) with an IEM, then for portability and dap function I'll take the DX50, which I have heard and compared to my iPhone. There was an audible difference between them . :)
So if I should choose between DX50 vs Ud110+amp and I would use this with an IEM, then the dx50 could be a better choice?   The iBasso will support the USB dac function with the next firmware and it can be used as a DAP instead of my iPhone on the go as well. I saw that after DX90 has been released the DX50 (mint condition) went under 180$. Originally I was looking for a DAC+AMP insted of onboard audio, but I will go for the DX50 I guess, it seems to be a better...
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