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I was really excited about the T10 - and its kinda the disappointment of the year. :S Hoped it will be a neutral iem with good highs and clarity, and with the filters it could give strong bass when its needed. My only hope is the VSD7, but i gotta wait for that a lot - I guess..
Thanks for sharing!I have the MA750 and I was thinking about selling it and buy the T10, but after all these experiences I wont. It isnt worth the more than double price for me, the hype was high, but it doesnt seem like the bargain of the century. The bass is emphasized even in the ma750, I really dont want more.Thanks for the help, saved my money
What are the main differences?
Ater the tip changes how does it compare now to VSD3S regarding details, highs?Btw you always write X800, it is called Vivo XE800, isnt it? (I could not find anything called X800 :S )
The SE215 is worse than the MA750, and its 100% cheaper than the T10 will be.
This junk ipad posted it 3 times without refreshing - sorry.
Regarding sound signature only - you would say its quite a good upgrade from VSD3S? I like really much the VSD3S and I dont wanna lose any details, crispness. It costs 4 times as much as the Vsonic. Is it as good with classical music and pop as VSD3S, or better? Thanks
Could somebody compare with VSD3S? Thanks!
I only has sibilance issues with GR07, the highs were okay, just peaky, harsh, annoying somewhere.For example I had no such problems with Westone W40, it has highs, but not peaky or sibilant at all.I like the enhanced bass, but I miss some highs and clarity when I am listening the MA-750. Rap/hiphop is great, at the same time jazz/classical music is not really enjoyable with ma750.Would you say- only soundwise that the T10 is a great IEM for the price?Is it okay for vocal,...
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