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Item has sold. Hi Head-phier's. I have an Antique Sound Labs MG-Head OTL for sale. It performs very well and comes with one set of extra tubes. I have not used it in a while so I figured I would make room for another component that I would actually use. I have sold/traded on this site before but it has been a while. I am asking 225.00OBO. Item has sold. Marc.
2112 by Rush. Followed very closely by The Moody blues, this is the moody blues? Anyway, to this day I have a hard time not listening to the entire 2112overture.
The BVSC documentary was on cable yesterday. The documentary really made you appreciate the artful approach of these musicians. Hats off to Ry for putting it together. Can anyone suggest any other cd's by this guy? RIP
Just completed a smooth transaction with maverickvns. He paid promptly and communicated well. Marc.
I am selling my beloved Etymotic ER6's. They are in perfect working order. Included in the sale are The ER6's, carrying pouch, 5 foam tips, the original rubber tips, 6 filters and the changing tool. I am asking SOLD usd. This includes shipping. I accept cashiers check, M.O. and Paypal. If using paypal please add 3%. I have feedback somewhere on this board and eBay feedback provided upon request. Thanks for looking. These phones have been sold. Marc.
Check this out.
Abe, Thanks for the heads up. I will look into these radio's. Marc
This has proven more difficult than I expected. I looked at the JVC model and it is a monster, I have not yet heard it though. About 15 years ago I bought an "audiophile grade" boombox made by panasonic. This thing rocked. It had a remote control (cutting edge then) it was a 2 way four speaker design that was actually biamplified. The thing sounded fantastic, I was really impressed that all this sound came from such a radio. It was one of the first radios that sported...
I searched the forums and did not find any info on Boombox suggestions. I am in the market for a mid to high level boombox for vacations and other portable applications. Are there any sold that focus on quality sound? I am looking for a unit that will play mp3 discs and has an aux in. Again, sound quality is most important. I am not sure I will even use my headphones with this boombox so the headphone section in not that important. (ducking) Thanks in advance. Marc
I bet the engineers @ Bazooka are giving this a good look!
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