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"Can you give us a bit of insight on the difference between the W4S and the M51? W4S vs M51 from what I remember is that the W4S left me wondering if they was really anything to spending a lot of money on a dac. I thought there was some kind of harshness in the mid treble with the W4S. The M51 is a whole lot smoother and much more bass. The M51 also has sound stage depth that I never noticed on the W4S. This is a big part of why when I started listening to the M51 it...
009's are the most addictive fun I have ever had with headphones. I guess boom boom pow with no detail is fun for some but the 009's hit my ears where so many songs detail and staging are like wow I never knew this song sounded like this.
I hope the Headamp KGSS uses the same pin out as the Nad M51? That is what I have hooked up now and it works so must be okay? I took a pic of the back of m Nad M51 and a random pic of the back of the SRM-717 off the web. From what I can tell they are a different pin out. I had a W4S dac 2 and it worked fine with the SRM-717. I know my SRM-717 is a North American model and it might be a different from the Japanese model.    
My 009's are SN-1181. I am guessing they are the 181th pair made.
I have a pair of Sigma Pro's almost like new but I don't know how much I really like them. I had the 009's for a few days now and I think I am addicted.  I do have a pair of SR-X Pros coming in the mail that I am excited about. They are a lot like Grado's so they say. The highway 63 is still closed with vehicals off the road all over the place. I really wanted to make it and though I was lucky the meet landed on my 4 days off. I will try hard to make it next time...
I would like to buy a BHSE or even the older version.
Highway 63  from Fort McMurray to Edmonton is closed due to weather. I had a Greyhound bus ticket but there is no buses till at least tomorrow. I really doubt I can make it this time sorry to say.
"If you had to get Stax electronics"    wtf
Bump. I bought the Lambda Signatures and they are in great shape and look better than the pictures. I think the T1 would be a very good bargain.  
What is wrong with the T1 with the 009's? It's starting to look like my KGSS is going in the closet for a while.
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