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I have a pair of Sigma Pro's almost like new but I don't know how much I really like them. I had the 009's for a few days now and I think I am addicted.  I do have a pair of SR-X Pros coming in the mail that I am excited about. They are a lot like Grado's so they say. The highway 63 is still closed with vehicals off the road all over the place. I really wanted to make it and though I was lucky the meet landed on my 4 days off. I will try hard to make it next time...
I would like to buy a BHSE or even the older version.
Highway 63  from Fort McMurray to Edmonton is closed due to weather. I had a Greyhound bus ticket but there is no buses till at least tomorrow. I really doubt I can make it this time sorry to say.
"If you had to get Stax electronics"    wtf
Bump. I bought the Lambda Signatures and they are in great shape and look better than the pictures. I think the T1 would be a very good bargain.  
What is wrong with the T1 with the 009's? It's starting to look like my KGSS is going in the closet for a while.
I have the Stax 009's now and will bring them probably with either the KGSS or 717. I will bring the Nad M51 dac and a Stax T1 tube amp with a pair of Lambda 404LE and a pair of Lambda Signatures. If anyone was looking forward to hearing any of the other Stax I have I can bring them but am just trying to make the load more manageable. I will be taking a cab but if anyone has room to get there let me know I am near 16th ave and Center St NW.
I bet it's not a Lambda pro or sig. That headband is rock solid for how light it is. The 407's have a junk plastic headband so I guess that it is Nova or newer.
Are those ones partly made in China?
What do you think it is when people say the HE90 still sounds better than the 009's or 007's? I know I would be embarassed by the gaudy looking amp if I owned this system. I really was hoping there would be a new stat from Sennheiser like everyone else but am glad I have a 009 coming to me in the mail.
New Posts  All Forums: