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Sure the 009's are nice but it is also nice to switch to the 007's for a while too. They are easier on the ears and more bass impact than the 009's. I find them more comfortable, lighter and a more clever design than the 009's.
Sad to see small scratchs all ready showing up around the back of the aluminum cups. The only thing that was against them was a pillow or set down on a cloth surface.
There is next to no information or reviews about the STAX DA-50M on the internet I could find and nobody ever mentioned hearing them with esl57's. Not even a pic with the cover off.  There was info about the DA-100M and the downside was that it is a bit anemic in the bass but  lot of indication that these were great amps in the day. The amp that I have been thinking about is a OTL tube kit  from " Transcendent Sound" Son of Beast OTL 15W a channel OTL Amplifier. I just...
I am looking for amps and I stumbled on a pair or STAX DA-50M amps for sale. Has anyone ever heard these with the esl57's? It would be about $2k to buy them and pretty scratched up but works well. I see there is a switch on them for Class A and Class A/B. If the Class A/B switch was hit playing reasonably loud wouldn't there be a big chance the esl57's would be smoked?
Looks god awful. Especially the gaudy red horns. Is there even one thing done to make the room good for sound?
I have only listened to the HD800 briefly at a meet. The way it presented the music was weird to me in that it was different than the other headphones. I would like to hear them again some day. I thought they fit really nice and were nice and light. The 009's are very dense and heavy even compared to the 007's. Probably be in big big trouble if I ever dropped the 009's. I know I would rather be wearing the 007's. There is nothing that I have enjoyed listening to more...
"Can you give us a bit of insight on the difference between the W4S and the M51? W4S vs M51 from what I remember is that the W4S left me wondering if they was really anything to spending a lot of money on a dac. I thought there was some kind of harshness in the mid treble with the W4S. The M51 is a whole lot smoother and much more bass. The M51 also has sound stage depth that I never noticed on the W4S. This is a big part of why when I started listening to the M51 it...
009's are the most addictive fun I have ever had with headphones. I guess boom boom pow with no detail is fun for some but the 009's hit my ears where so many songs detail and staging are like wow I never knew this song sounded like this.
I hope the Headamp KGSS uses the same pin out as the Nad M51? That is what I have hooked up now and it works so must be okay? I took a pic of the back of m Nad M51 and a random pic of the back of the SRM-717 off the web. From what I can tell they are a different pin out. I had a W4S dac 2 and it worked fine with the SRM-717. I know my SRM-717 is a North American model and it might be a different from the Japanese model.    
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