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When you get the Musiland 02 the box it comes in has magnets built into it for opening and closing the box. Was the first time I saw that and a nice touch for packaging.
Mine makes a crackling sound when I start the laptop or plug the usb in. Its not very loud.
Entry Level: 60 Audio-GD Compass (3) Audiotailor Jade (3) AudioTrak imAmp(1) Aune DAC/amp (1) AV123 x-head (1) C & C XO (1) Darkvoice 336SE (2) Darkvoice THA332 (1) Eddie Current EC/SS (1) Gilmore Lite (3) Headamp Pico(2) Head Direct EF1 (3) Head Direct EF2 (1) Heed CanAmp (1) Hotaudio RM-1 (1) HotAudio Thunderbolt II (1) HotAudio Thunderbolt Max (1) iBasso D10 (2) iQube V2 (1) JDS CmoyBB (2) Keces DA-152 (1) K.I.C.A.S. (non-caliente) (1) Little Dot I+ (5) Little Dot MK...
"you say people have been beating up the K702 as far back as you can remember on here" I never said this. I think I said something similar about Sennheiser fanboys. I had no other name and didn't use the computer as much. I use to come on and read the forums about the time the HD650 was going to come out. Don't know what the HD600 or HD650 sound like but I know there is a bias towards high end Sennheisers.
It would be nice to hear about the sound improvement not just how the HD800 is so much better. Was it just a cable to the mini xlr? I think the weakest link is between the mini xlr and the drivers. That's where the coat hangers and the thin cheap wires are. I read somewhere on here someone hooked them up with a "Y" cable and there was improvement in sound and efficiency.
"Out of curiosity, how many here who commented on the K701/2's use(d|s) them recabled?" This is a really good question. I had my old pair of K702 apart yesterday and it looks like AKG uses the absolute cheapest wire inside. There is a whole lot of solder joints to basically a coat hanger that runs through the headband. If your house was wired like the K702 it would never have past inspection.
Its funny in a sick kinda way how hurt people get by taking a poke at the HD800. Sennheiser probably had the K701/2 in mind when the made the HD800. It sure looks like the most of HD800 people have it out for the K701/2 to the point where they make up blatant lies about how they sound. HD800 is overpriced and sounds like it costs about $5k before it sounds really good? I wonder what percent better they consider the HD800 over the K701/2?
I just bought a new K702 because I had a rattle in right driver at high volumes. The serial number about 100 less then the old pair. The difference I can see blue glue around the edges of the old K702. There is visible quality differences between batches. I went back to listen to bass heavy music on Asix's site and the new pair have no problems. I can't see wanting more bass then the K702 offers.
From what I have read the K1000 is concidered better but in a class of their own like apples and oranges so they say. The K701/2 has been referred to as the poor mans HD800 and must be some similaritys in sound to make that referance. If they can talk you out of $1400 for the headphones and another $1200 for a cable I won't bash your headphone. I see how many of you do get upset when someone criticizes your precious. I also see how many of you feel so good about...
I bought them in the summer but I think I voided the warranty by opening them and now the wire is broke. I think I will bite the bullet and get a new pair tomorrow its going to suck having to go through the burn in process again and the fact they are worth less than half of what I will have to pay as soon as I get them.
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