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Would the Beyerdynamic T1 be the best step up? I have been looking at reviews of the T1 mostly comparing it to the HD800.
Good! This 1 was on my mind too much.
Is the Phoenix considered better than the Phonitor?
Sounds like they haven't made any new ESP-950 in the past 20 yrs so not much to worry about.
Ksc75,UR40,portapro,sr60,sr80? I have been using sportapros because the other koss are hard to find locally in Canada. I would use ksc35 or 75 if I could find them.
At the time the SR-60. I returned defective SR-40's and there was a major difference in clarity to my ears.
In the K702 picture the plastic cover is out of place it should be tighter to the headband wire.
Thanks for the advice only dvd player I have so far is in the laptop and wont work the same. I am glad it sounds like it is not the headphones fault. I will look into trying a dvd player or even an analog source. Most of my mp3's are 320kbps and have a few albums in flac. If I keep the volume about medium its not too bad but louder volumes the "Sss" in a lot of vocals sound pretty bad. I think I will have to look for more recordings in "flac." I am listening to Tom Petty...
The worst part I am noticing with my K702 is the Sss sound. I have one pair that are burned in and 1 pair that are just starting to open up. My amp,soundcard or laptop mp3's. My amp and soundcard are entry level. Shanling PH100 and Musiland 02. Is it the headphones or would a higher quality amp mellow the top end out?
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