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where am I suppose to put the extracted file?
Are they all made in China now?
If that's the case then the K701/2 don't have any problem with bass either.
Would the Beyerdynamic T1 be the best step up? I have been looking at reviews of the T1 mostly comparing it to the HD800.
Good! This 1 was on my mind too much.
Is the Phoenix considered better than the Phonitor?
Sounds like they haven't made any new ESP-950 in the past 20 yrs so not much to worry about.
Ksc75,UR40,portapro,sr60,sr80? I have been using sportapros because the other koss are hard to find locally in Canada. I would use ksc35 or 75 if I could find them.
At the time the SR-60. I returned defective SR-40's and there was a major difference in clarity to my ears.
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