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"I am not too sure that the AKGs have the best wiring but they still sound great so who knows?" You would be hard pressed to find another brand of headphone with worse wiring than the top AKG's. Very hard to change also. I only saw once on here someone that modded a pair of K701 with dual entry and have not found that tread again. The result was higher efficiency and better sound quality from what I got from the thread.
"I'm also pretty sure not after 100 hours of burn-in it beats every other headphone to become the world's greatest." World greatest does not belong in any comment regarding any audio equipment. There is at least a mechanical break in that goes on with most headphones.
With my 1st pair of K702 burn in/mechanical break in was very obvious. I only had a laptop and an ipod touch to run them off. I would break them in with pink noise on an ipaq pda whenever not in use. The most obvious was I could tell was with the ipod touch. They were the first thing that the headphones were plugged into and wow it was a shock at 1st.After the 1st Minuit or so the sound changed a lot but bass had the most distortion. After a few weeks there was no more...
Thanks listening to that preset its different seems to the volume and less bass.
where am I suppose to put the extracted file?
Are they all made in China now?
If that's the case then the K701/2 don't have any problem with bass either.
Would the Beyerdynamic T1 be the best step up? I have been looking at reviews of the T1 mostly comparing it to the HD800.
Good! This 1 was on my mind too much.
Is the Phoenix considered better than the Phonitor?
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