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Does AIMP2 modify the sound?
Are you wearing a mickey mouse shirt? Sorry my bad jk
Just curious what type of output transformer do tube amps for headphones use? I know that tube amps for speakers usually use output transformers with secondary at 4,8 or 16 ohms but the headphones I am looking at are 600 ohms. I think there might be preamp output transformers that have 600 ohm out. Am I misguided on how this would work? It's pretty ambitious but I am looking to the future of what I would like to try for a set up and it is not very common on here I...
Sorry you feel snubbed I buy enough things from China like we all do. If China puts out a great headphone I may buy it.There still is a reason why top headphones like HD800,T1 are made in Germany. Kinda like how the Swiss are known for watches etc. How many great company's are gone now or are just a shell of a great company thanks to the cheap slave labor costs of China?
I am in Calgary and emailed Planet of Sound. The HD800 is almost $2k in Canada. I have K702 and I am enjoying them. Has there been any changes with the T1? Like soundstage opening up a bit more or more detail. I get the impression that voices will sound more natural with the T1 over the HD800 but the HD800 will bring out more detail? Does one do better then the other with the "Sss" sound?
Over 5yrs ago that is what I did but what point is there with pretty decent mp3 players? Not just a large discman but a pocket full of cd's that get scratched so easy. I don't miss that at all.
Is AIMP2 doing something to the sound that is not considered correct?
Are Denons all made in China?
"On some cans it reduces the bass quantity and tightens it up, people may not like this outcome." I guess it can work the opposite also. My burned in K702 has more bass than my new K702.
HD800 sure do look a lot like a rip off of the Sony SA-5000 design.
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