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Would K1000 stay on the head while lying in bed?
Shure SRH840's are $228.95 here in Canada but I had to pay $429 for K702's.
Is the Lambda Signature much better Lambda Pro or are the pretty close sound wise?
Well it would be nice to think that there was a revision made that there is an improvement in sound on an already great headphone. It will be nice to hear a comparison in the future when they are both mechanically broken in. I have had my new pair of K702 for about a week now and run pink noise through them every night. My 1st pair of K702 were sent in for repair. The mechanical break in of these headphones should be considered a fact. The older pair were more open with...
Nice to hear comparisons. How many hours are on the K702 so far?
I was looking up any new reviews on Beyerdynamic T1 vs the HD800. I came across a German review comparing them but also HifiMan DB-5 that I thought was a HE-5 at 1st because they look the same I translated the German and It sounds like from the review that the DB-5 are the best of them all. Any opinions? Google Translate This is a translated link.
Nice too know thanks. Not a smart idea to ask about ebay items like this especially if seriously interested. They are 4x the price since I saw them and over 3 days left. Must be a nice sounding system. Anyone know what Stax headphones these are and around what price range this set up would be worth?
MUSICAL FIDELITY X-CAN-V3 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER - Canuck Audio Mart Somebody is looking for one here. Sorry I got the model they are looking for wrong. Wish I could delete this post but cant see anywhere to do it.
I haven't compared to any others around the same power but I like my Shanling PH100.
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