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He doesn't. It's not on the order page.
Funny questions to be asking here don't you think? They are Stax cables and this is the Stax thread.
I can't believe the hard time the guy is getting on here for re cabling his 009's. I think it is the most interesting thing on here in a while and there probable isn't too many people on here that wouldn't like to hear if there is a difference. I wanted to hear how the 009 cable would sound on the 007's. At this level you only have 2 cables to choose from and it takes soldering skills that Stax doesn't even have at times. I am also glad to see the inside picture of the...
Sure the 009's are nice but it is also nice to switch to the 007's for a while too. They are easier on the ears and more bass impact than the 009's. I find them more comfortable, lighter and a more clever design than the 009's.
Sad to see small scratchs all ready showing up around the back of the aluminum cups. The only thing that was against them was a pillow or set down on a cloth surface.
There is next to no information or reviews about the STAX DA-50M on the internet I could find and nobody ever mentioned hearing them with esl57's. Not even a pic with the cover off.  There was info about the DA-100M and the downside was that it is a bit anemic in the bass but  lot of indication that these were great amps in the day. The amp that I have been thinking about is a OTL tube kit  from " Transcendent Sound" Son of Beast OTL 15W a channel OTL Amplifier. I just...
I am looking for amps and I stumbled on a pair or STAX DA-50M amps for sale. Has anyone ever heard these with the esl57's? It would be about $2k to buy them and pretty scratched up but works well. I see there is a switch on them for Class A and Class A/B. If the Class A/B switch was hit playing reasonably loud wouldn't there be a big chance the esl57's would be smoked?
Looks god awful. Especially the gaudy red horns. Is there even one thing done to make the room good for sound?
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