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My Sigma Pro's almost look like they came out of a time capsule.
This time I traveled on a plane with my 009 setup. My 009's hate traveling. They sound far more odd than any other Stax I have after traveling. I use a Pelican case and am hoping that they air seal on the case is not doing bad thing like putting bad pressure on the drivers when the case moves in travel. It has been a couple days and one driver seemed a little down  with treble and bass. It has been over an hour listening and trying setup adjustments to get the sound...
I'd only go with a previous model.
Stax DMA-X2 that sure don't look like they were well cared for.
^They say on is born every Minuit.
I have only listened to that pair of SR-X MK3 Pro's for a short while but as soon as I put them on they go near the top of my list. I also have 404le's that get next to no head time. I think I can only judge the bass weight over bass depth the best and the SR-X pro's probably only come 2nd to the 007 mk1's. Even the 007's have significantly more bass weight than the 009's. I find both the 009's and the SR-X pro's bright and the SR-X pro's a little less refined and edgy...
I paid a lot to get a pristine pair of SR-X Mk3 Pro's but sure is a bargain compared to what a pair of Grado HP1000's seem to cost.
I bought a Bedini 10/10 for my esl57's. I won't get to see or hear them for a few months but am really happy that I could find one.    
I stumbled on to something new. Would there be any benefit using a Schumann generator with a Stax setup or is that just a scam?
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