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^They say on is born every Minuit.
I have only listened to that pair of SR-X MK3 Pro's for a short while but as soon as I put them on they go near the top of my list. I also have 404le's that get next to no head time. I think I can only judge the bass weight over bass depth the best and the SR-X pro's probably only come 2nd to the 007 mk1's. Even the 007's have significantly more bass weight than the 009's. I find both the 009's and the SR-X pro's bright and the SR-X pro's a little less refined and edgy...
I paid a lot to get a pristine pair of SR-X Mk3 Pro's but sure is a bargain compared to what a pair of Grado HP1000's seem to cost.
I bought a Bedini 10/10 for my esl57's. I won't get to see or hear them for a few months but am really happy that I could find one.    
I stumbled on to something new. Would there be any benefit using a Schumann generator with a Stax setup or is that just a scam?
He doesn't. It's not on the order page.
Funny questions to be asking here don't you think? They are Stax cables and this is the Stax thread.
I can't believe the hard time the guy is getting on here for re cabling his 009's. I think it is the most interesting thing on here in a while and there probable isn't too many people on here that wouldn't like to hear if there is a difference. I wanted to hear how the 009 cable would sound on the 007's. At this level you only have 2 cables to choose from and it takes soldering skills that Stax doesn't even have at times. I am also glad to see the inside picture of the...
Sure the 009's are nice but it is also nice to switch to the 007's for a while too. They are easier on the ears and more bass impact than the 009's. I find them more comfortable, lighter and a more clever design than the 009's.
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