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Maybe he has a top level amp that suits the K702? Strange how many K701/2 haters there are and even stranger is how many contradictory problems they find with the K701/2.
Falling asleep listening to your headphones wearing headphones of this size is not really a concern to me. I don't that would ever be likely to happen. Sounds like K1000 would be fine. I am waiting for a while for a high end headphone. Looking for more reviews of Beyerdynamic T1 but the worse part of that one is I think it won't be long before that one sells for half the price it does now.
I did the same with K702 but just the 2 near the center of the band. I have since bought another pair and left them stock. I wouldn't recommend cutting them off on K702 it doesn't make comfort much if any better. I use a thread around the center of the headphones to take the pressure off and hold the headphones open.
I sent K702 in last week to repair a rattle in the right driver. They have got back to me within a day so can't say there service is bad.
May not be a fair comparison but how would the T1 compare to K1000?
Well I am single. Would "Monster Beats Solo" be better? Jk I know it was a pretty lazy question to ask but wanted to know if they would work like this because there design is much different. I probably should be embarrassed asking but at the moment I am laying down laptop on chest and K702's on and wanted to know under the same circumstances if the K1000 would be falling or out of place.
Would K1000 stay on the head while lying in bed?
Shure SRH840's are $228.95 here in Canada but I had to pay $429 for K702's.
Is the Lambda Signature much better Lambda Pro or are the pretty close sound wise?
Well it would be nice to think that there was a revision made that there is an improvement in sound on an already great headphone. It will be nice to hear a comparison in the future when they are both mechanically broken in. I have had my new pair of K702 for about a week now and run pink noise through them every night. My 1st pair of K702 were sent in for repair. The mechanical break in of these headphones should be considered a fact. The older pair were more open with...
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