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I already saw nicked up HD800. Does the HD800 have any better build quality than K701/2? Plastic looks like it damages easily.
Isn't the ALO cable $300? It gets mentioned so often I am thinking there is a lot of hype to it. I just want a reasonable upgrade because almost any cable is probably better than stock. I was looking at one on ebay it was only about $25 but what does tinned copper mean? Does that mean just the ends are tinned as in solder? the wire was 22awg. I saw what is inside K702 and can say Akg could care less about wire.
I had an imbalance and I just figured the problem out a couple days ago. It was the usb cable.
Jusst watching Canada vs Usa hockey. It looks like the announcers are all wearing a variant of the Sennheiser HD-25 with a mike.
A ticket to the opera?
Is this a bad idea? I just saw a K1000 thread where someone took the K1000 drivers and put them in a different headphone housing with good results. Anyone know how much K1000 drivers are and who to get a hold of to buy them?
I think I would start with Musiland 02 soundcard and add a more powerful amp later. I have this and a Shanling PH100.
Skullcandy skullcrushers?
I see it as more people over exaggerate how bad the K701/2 is they even make up new terms for flaws. Akg's are even used a lot in making rock music. There's always better and the best does not stay the best very long. Believe it or not K701/2 is some peoples favorite headphone for rock.
I like my K702's for rock! Keep flaming and don't forget to make it up as you go along.
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