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I think I would start with Musiland 02 soundcard and add a more powerful amp later. I have this and a Shanling PH100.
Skullcandy skullcrushers?
I see it as more people over exaggerate how bad the K701/2 is they even make up new terms for flaws. Akg's are even used a lot in making rock music. There's always better and the best does not stay the best very long. Believe it or not K701/2 is some peoples favorite headphone for rock.
I like my K702's for rock! Keep flaming and don't forget to make it up as you go along.
"But no rational business would behave that way" Nintendo Wii maybe
Either Maxi or Kotex depending how bad they make ears bleed. Just kidding my bad.
"300b tube bliss with solid state ease?" Have not heard either but a 300b amp is on my future list. Are these really comparable? Something does tell me they are not.
The worst part that I think will happen is probably around a year from now they will be about $600. Just a guess but a real possibility.
Maybe he has a top level amp that suits the K702? Strange how many K701/2 haters there are and even stranger is how many contradictory problems they find with the K701/2.
Falling asleep listening to your headphones wearing headphones of this size is not really a concern to me. I don't that would ever be likely to happen. Sounds like K1000 would be fine. I am waiting for a while for a high end headphone. Looking for more reviews of Beyerdynamic T1 but the worse part of that one is I think it won't be long before that one sells for half the price it does now.
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