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I haven't been buying into the bass light bass heavy drivers at least not yet. It has been an issue with other great headphones though. Who knows maybe they started using a higher power magnet.
Don't you think the HD800 looks like a plasticky version of Sony sa-5000? They look a lot like the same design.
I read in another thread the HD800 has big soundstage but the problem is it always stays big even if the soundstage in the music is narrow.
Ok enough is enough I get it HD800 is the god of all headphones. All the usual suspects taking pokes at the K701/2 anyway they can. Only missing uncle fester with how they are plasticky and weird sounding. Whatever that means.
How would the T1 compare to the K1000?
Sounds like you can't find enough good things to say about the HD800. Are you liking the HD800 over the T1 now. I have been keeping my eye out for K1000 because from what I have read so far it is still superior to the HD800.
I already saw nicked up HD800. Does the HD800 have any better build quality than K701/2? Plastic looks like it damages easily.
Isn't the ALO cable $300? It gets mentioned so often I am thinking there is a lot of hype to it. I just want a reasonable upgrade because almost any cable is probably better than stock. I was looking at one on ebay it was only about $25 but what does tinned copper mean? Does that mean just the ends are tinned as in solder? the wire was 22awg. I saw what is inside K702 and can say Akg could care less about wire.
I had an imbalance and I just figured the problem out a couple days ago. It was the usb cable.
Jusst watching Canada vs Usa hockey. It looks like the announcers are all wearing a variant of the Sennheiser HD-25 with a mike.
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