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Apple ibuds?
Grande Headphones by Boosted?
I am guessing it is worth about $800-$900? Sad even if it was just a little bit over market value I would go for it just to hear the Stax sound.
I just missed out on a SR-Lambda Pro and SRM-1/MK-2 on ebay on the weekend just didn't time my bid out right at the end. Looked like a nice set from the original owner. It ended up going for $569.99 US. Same set just came up at canuckaudiomart and its even in the same city as me. STAX Lambda headphones and Pro amp - Canuck Audio Mart Headphone look really nice but $1200 CDN = $1139 US
100mw into 25 ohms isn't that a lot less than what is recomended to drive K701/2?
Chemical Engineer so you sniff glue all day? I have to go to work but I am on this thread because it refers to the K701/2 that I have 2 of. Who knows maybe I will end up with a HD800 soon enough so I have looked up as much as I can about them on here. Not much good usually comes out of the weekly K702 vs HD800 thread mostly just a lot of K702 bashing. I don't personally attack people like so far I am a poor 6yr old with a thick skull lol.
I didn't say I could not afford the HD800. It's more that I am not convinced they are worth it considering the flaws I have heard about them. The difference to me is between a high price and being gouged. Sennheiser came off as the later to me with the HD800. I am looking at the T1 since it is more reasonably priced and hopefully does not need as high of a level of equipment as the HD800 to sound good. Just like you asked Acix if he works for AKG I was wondering if you...
Maybe try a pair of Koss Ksc75 for about $20 and see if you like the sound because it is a lot like Grado. I dislike the sound of the Hd555 even px100 are better to my ears when I heard them.
I'd like to hear the HD800 but thats not going to happen around here. It's about $2k for HD800 here and then they say you need a $1200 cable and a very high end amp. To me the HD800 looks like a rip off of the Sony SA-5000 just a different driver and a lot more plasticy.
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