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I'd like to hear the HD800 but thats not going to happen around here. It's about $2k for HD800 here and then they say you need a $1200 cable and a very high end amp. To me the HD800 looks like a rip off of the Sony SA-5000 just a different driver and a lot more plasticy.
I read in another thread that that HD800 Has a artificially big soundstage. That it is always big even when it is not called for. This was someone comparing them to Stax
Are these great headphones for tv watching? I have been using my K702 and an example is watching a show "Ghost Hunters" they play recordings when the catch a ghosts on tape. Nothing ever seems to be there will the D48 do any better?
I'm not really calling you a bully. If anyone is new to Headfi this thread runs at least once a week. Even the great HD800 doesn't sound good playing the same old broken record.
Unless your saying that the K701/2 are in the same class then it is like being a bully degrading a great headphone to praise a Mr big bucks headphone.
I haven't been buying into the bass light bass heavy drivers at least not yet. It has been an issue with other great headphones though. Who knows maybe they started using a higher power magnet.
Don't you think the HD800 looks like a plasticky version of Sony sa-5000? They look a lot like the same design.
I read in another thread the HD800 has big soundstage but the problem is it always stays big even if the soundstage in the music is narrow.
Ok enough is enough I get it HD800 is the god of all headphones. All the usual suspects taking pokes at the K701/2 anyway they can. Only missing uncle fester with how they are plasticky and weird sounding. Whatever that means.
How would the T1 compare to the K1000?
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