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punkaroo Ya it was so low for up until the last 30 min. It was about $370 at the last min. Then I max bid $555 but there was still 20 sec left. I think if I waited another 10 sec I would have actually got them. Was going to go higher but had no time left and the guy didn't want to ship out of USA.
Thanks Mr Obvious P.S theres a Akg K1000 on ebay starting bid $1450. I have lots of dollar bills in stock asking $1.50 each.
What does a 1950's DT48e 25 ohm sound like compared to newer ones?
So you sit there and listen to music cranked while you work? Must be nice
Apple ibuds?
Grande Headphones by Boosted?
I am guessing it is worth about $800-$900? Sad even if it was just a little bit over market value I would go for it just to hear the Stax sound.
I just missed out on a SR-Lambda Pro and SRM-1/MK-2 on ebay on the weekend just didn't time my bid out right at the end. Looked like a nice set from the original owner. It ended up going for $569.99 US. Same set just came up at canuckaudiomart and its even in the same city as me. STAX Lambda headphones and Pro amp - Canuck Audio Mart Headphone look really nice but $1200 CDN = $1139 US
100mw into 25 ohms isn't that a lot less than what is recomended to drive K701/2?
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