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The scammer is a POS. Name plz.
What does uncle fester mean by plasticy? I don't see that one in the sticky.
"I've had the feeling that both of my DT48s improved quite a bit from simply using them for a few weeks." If they use alinico magnets they would for sure.
He says they are 1950's. I think I will pass because I am moving and starting a new job in a couple days.
How good are there ones? VINTAGE BEYER DYNAMIC DT 48 STEREO HEADPHONES GERMANY on eBay.ca (item 140384608916 end time 28-Feb-10 16:07:54 EST) somebody outbid me.
Close 2nd
Jeckin floats win hands down.
Do you know what the shimmering sound would be on some recordings? It kinda sounds like a snare drum after it has been hit but less treble. Its at the beginning of some songs.
Probably not the cause of the rattle. I haven't heard a rattle in this pair but I sent a pair to akg to be repaired for a rattle. I know the rattle was in the driver itself. It took a lot of volume and bass to hear the rattle.
I have k702 and I took the ear pads off today and there is a white ring that goes around the driver. What is that for? Is it to give more bass or does air pass through it? It had me concerned because it looked like there is a crease in the middle of one of the sections.
New Posts  All Forums: