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Who is the baseball player?
So eventually the paint is going to wear off and they will look like the have whitish spots? If that is so then it will be a disappointment to the ones that pay the kind of money they are asking for these phones. It will probably be a big plus in the future for people looking for them on the 2nd hand market. These headphones are so hyped its hard to find much honesty on here about them. I puked in my mouth a bit when I saw "Geek"s comparison to "10 Design Rules of Dieter...
Thanks I tried the sine wave sweep seemed close enough. I think it may be just a hearing imbalance. I cleaned wax out of ears but takes a long time for the water in there to go away.
I am still thinking I have an imbalance between left and right channels. Seems there is more volume on the right side. Would many recording like rock etc favor the right side that this would happen or do I definitely have faulty equipment somewhere in the chain?
The scammer is a POS. Name plz.
What does uncle fester mean by plasticy? I don't see that one in the sticky.
"I've had the feeling that both of my DT48s improved quite a bit from simply using them for a few weeks." If they use alinico magnets they would for sure.
He says they are 1950's. I think I will pass because I am moving and starting a new job in a couple days.
How good are there ones? VINTAGE BEYER DYNAMIC DT 48 STEREO HEADPHONES GERMANY on (item 140384608916 end time 28-Feb-10 16:07:54 EST) somebody outbid me.
Close 2nd
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