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I don't let any of my stats see sunlight.
Lucky guy. I would hate the bright red power light. I want one of those for my 007 mk1's. Must be a very slight step up from the KGSS on the 009's.
Why feel bad it is a good amp for a decent price. I feel bad for how misguided this thread has been the past few pages.
Signatures are more open sounding than even the 009's I think. Briefly listened to the 009's, Sr-x pros and the Lambda Signatures the other day and that was the first impression of them i had. Wide open.
Nice way to save $500 or so. I'm sure it won't sound as good as having the box but probably wouldn't be using either for very long anyway. I think I will eventually try this to see what it is like though.
There was the ED-1 version for the Signature for sale here a while back. That is the one I would have wanted and should have bought. It didn't sell very quickly believe it or not and was under $500. I think they get used as a novelty and pretty much just for collecting. If anything that Smyth Realiser would be the way to go.
What do you think the transformer boxes are for?
I hope the new KGSSHVK uses many of the same parts as the KGSSHV? I would like to eventually switch to the new boards if the amp is as good or better. I am have all the electronic components for some time now. I think I will TRY to commission the RIGHT builder because I would really like one built properly.
I bet not to many people have seen the inside of one of these. I only opened it because one rca connector was loose but I managed to tighten it up.
It is a Radford STA25 I guess the pictures made it look a whole lot nicer the it does in person. It is quite a stinky old amp that certainly looks like it should have a fire extinguisher near by and never left on too long. That is my impression so far. I bought it because I knew that it was known to be great and was over $2k. Here is the listingĀ ...
New Posts  All Forums: