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Nice way to save $500 or so. I'm sure it won't sound as good as having the box but probably wouldn't be using either for very long anyway. I think I will eventually try this to see what it is like though.
There was the ED-1 version for the Signature for sale here a while back. That is the one I would have wanted and should have bought. It didn't sell very quickly believe it or not and was under $500. I think they get used as a novelty and pretty much just for collecting. If anything that Smyth Realiser would be the way to go.
What do you think the transformer boxes are for?
I hope the new KGSSHVK uses many of the same parts as the KGSSHV? I would like to eventually switch to the new boards if the amp is as good or better. I am have all the electronic components for some time now. I think I will TRY to commission the RIGHT builder because I would really like one built properly.
I bet not to many people have seen the inside of one of these. I only opened it because one rca connector was loose but I managed to tighten it up.
It is a Radford STA25 I guess the pictures made it look a whole lot nicer the it does in person. It is quite a stinky old amp that certainly looks like it should have a fire extinguisher near by and never left on too long. That is my impression so far. I bought it because I knew that it was known to be great and was over $2k. Here is the listing ...
I bought a Radford STA25 from England off Ebay a while back. It was sold as tested sounding great and I paid that kind of money but I am suspicious now that I have seen it. There is strange wiring on the outputs that is not normal on any other Radford amps I have seen pics of. What is shady to me is the seller had a really nice set of pics to see the amp but they were taken at angles not to see the odd wiring in the pics below. Can anyone tell me what they think this...
I received an email news letter today from "The DiyAudio Store".  Looks like some new interesting things. http://www.diyaudio.com/store/
Interesting and wouldn't be too hard to make a single wider metal headband. The 009's are totally different "plastic 1 piece a lot like the 507's" but somebody modified theirs to a 007 style headband.   Wouldn't having a a metal strap going from 1 driver all the way to the other resonate and cause some crosstalk let alone 2 metal straps?
Something new and expensive. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57591530-47/abyss-ab-1266-headphones-run-$5495-but-theyre-worth-it/?part=rss&subj=news&tag=titl
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