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T1 was nice for a while then how tuby it sounded wasn't as realistic to me like the KGSS. The treble on the 009's is so refined I don't know how anyone could confuse it for harsh.
Wow I luv my 009's. If the treble is considered a little bright oh well. I enjoy them on my kgss or 717. You can attack them calling them bright all you want but I don't find them harsh in any way up there. I can play loud and it doesn't both me because the treble is more smooth than sharp. Recordinga with too much treble or recorded poorly are a problem though. These are easily the best I have heard.
How heavy are the Abyss? Are they heavy like the Lcd2 if so they can send them to the Abyss for all i care. I can live with the weight of the 009's but the next model I hope Stax goes back to a lighter design like the 007's.
Your almost offering retail. Amazon.ca has them for $689.
My older Lambda Signatures and Sr-x pros should be off your less clear more relaxing list
Stax SRS 002 portable system. Pretty much like new. Box has a few stains though.
How scarry do you think the water damage on the Stax F83's. To me it looks like it leaked down near the bottom of the speakers into the transformer area quite a bit. I would consider buying them and having them sent to be rebuilt but I would hope they wont turn into a nightmare. Any input on this? Thanks Jay
Do you know this for a fact? I am pretty sure my brown 007s mk1 are all lambskin and the 007 mk2 are mostly lambskin with the part that goes under the ring pleather. My 404 limited,507's and 009's also have real leather.
Can I have the other thread back along with this one? Too many chronic posters posting nonsense as far as I am concerned. I would be happy if they kept their gibberish on one of the Stax threads and the other a bit more quiet and a bit more interesting.
Is Goo Gone a type of toilet paper?
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