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The Stax dac looks like a work of art but it's older than the hills for a dac. Would it even sound as good as a Nad M51 that I use?
Could a amp like the BHSE be scaled back so it is half the power and less parts? Maybe the 009's would shine on a really refined amp without all the headroom needed for the 007's.
I'd say Electrostatic Solutions these days.
Well I am not buying what he is trying to sell here. I am thinking he is something like an internet troll. I think he should go to a hearing doctor and get his ears checked for tinnitus and come back with a doctors note before he posts again.
Sorry you feel major fatigue but that has not been my experience and certainly can play them at decent volumes. Maybe check with a hearing specialist about tinnitus? Pretty hard to pull out the resolution of the 009's on anyhing but a real special stereo .
I have been using a Nad M51 till the something new/better comes out. I use to have a W4S Dac 2 that probably would have been harsher on the ears to think of it.
T1 was nice for a while then how tuby it sounded wasn't as realistic to me like the KGSS. The treble on the 009's is so refined I don't know how anyone could confuse it for harsh.
Wow I luv my 009's. If the treble is considered a little bright oh well. I enjoy them on my kgss or 717. You can attack them calling them bright all you want but I don't find them harsh in any way up there. I can play loud and it doesn't both me because the treble is more smooth than sharp. Recordinga with too much treble or recorded poorly are a problem though. These are easily the best I have heard.
How heavy are the Abyss? Are they heavy like the Lcd2 if so they can send them to the Abyss for all i care. I can live with the weight of the 009's but the next model I hope Stax goes back to a lighter design like the 007's.
Your almost offering retail. Amazon.ca has them for $689.
New Posts  All Forums: