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I can bring Stax 009's, Headamp KGSS and a Nad M51 dac. For anyone not familiar with Stax they often make a crinkle sound when putting them on or off that is normal for Stax. Looking forward to hearing Hd800's again and a few others. If anyone is interested I have a pair of Westone w4r's that I would let go of for a good price. See you tomorrow Jay
I have the same wood box that I got a pair of Lambda Signatures in. Thought it was a nice homemade box. Now uncertain where these type of boxes came from.
Hi jaycalgary You heard any None Oversampling DACs? I find they sound much better than Delta-Sigma DACs including most higher resolution files. It might be worth looking at that. My front end changed a lot (for the better) after I abandoned the over sampling hype / Bull. Let your ears do the talking.....Redbook can sound amazing.   I don't have a whole lot of experience with dac's. I started with a W4S dac2 and wondered if dac's were just bs because something in the...
My Headamp KGSS easily outshines my 717 especially with the 009's. Wish it was closer because it would be so much easier to travel with the 717.
I read on here before from one of the top stax guys that they soaked mineral wool in alcohol or water I forget to get the junk out of it. Let it dry out then installed it. Sounded like a really good idea to me. I would still try the cotton balls once. It was quite a while ago but I thought I got the best sound from it. It was interesting how it could be layered denser then a bit softer. Mostly felt like I could get a bit more treble and still keep the bass. Cutting down on...
I would just try a bag of cotton balls from the drug store. Kind of pull them apart a little bit and they mesh together nicely. I thought they made the sound good in past experiments and doesn't have the downside of other materials.
I just bought a pair of Stax DA100M amps from Japan fairly blind. Looks to me like some of the Rca jacks were replaced at some point. Hoping they will be in good working modern condition. I can't make total sense of the Japanese translation but it sounded to me like I bought a pair in good working condition from probably a reseller with 1 slightly bent speaker jack. I bought off Buyee. Would somebody that understands Japanese well mind taking a look at the Buyee link and...
My Stax collection kicks ass just saying lol
I notice a nice improvement with a meaty occc copper power cable.
Sounds like a brilliant idea.By that I mean it would be a brilliant idea for you to take your meds.
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