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I just bought a pair of Stax DA100M amps from Japan fairly blind. Looks to me like some of the Rca jacks were replaced at some point. Hoping they will be in good working modern condition. I can't make total sense of the Japanese translation but it sounded to me like I bought a pair in good working condition from probably a reseller with 1 slightly bent speaker jack. I bought off Buyee. Would somebody that understands Japanese well mind taking a look at the Buyee link and...
My Stax collection kicks ass just saying lol
I notice a nice improvement with a meaty occc copper power cable.
Sounds like a brilliant idea.By that I mean it would be a brilliant idea for you to take your meds.
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I have a few amps in the collection now. Some I won't get to try till next summer though. Radford Sta 25 is my favorite so far but also have Pioneer M22 , Quad 2 system and the Bedini. Trying other speakers too. Tannoy gold 12's and Spendor S3/5se I have not seen yet. Do I need more power for the Spendor's?
009's mostly now,  Have but rarely use 007 mk1's,sr-x pro's,Sigma Pro's, Lambda Signatures and 507's.  
I have both SRM 717 and KGSS. It's not really about power as much as the KGSS sounds a lot cleaner and the 717 sounds more constricted in comparison.
The Stax dac looks like a work of art but it's older than the hills for a dac. Would it even sound as good as a Nad M51 that I use?
Could a amp like the BHSE be scaled back so it is half the power and less parts? Maybe the 009's would shine on a really refined amp without all the headroom needed for the 007's.
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