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Looking forward.
Sure the 009's treble isn't mellowing out on its own with age?
Here is some of my Radford amps. It is the one on the top right.
10 days now and he still hasn't put up his own pictures. I hope it is not a scam. I cant translate enough to make an account to email the guy.
Anybody know dutch to have this ad taken down? This is a scam and I own amp presently and is in my possession.   Power transformer hums a little bit on this one and the bias will go out of whack and make one of the el34s go cherry red. Have not used it since last summer as I have another one that works great. . Trying to figure out...
me too 1pm
I can bring Stax 009's, Headamp KGSS and a Nad M51 dac. For anyone not familiar with Stax they often make a crinkle sound when putting them on or off that is normal for Stax. Looking forward to hearing Hd800's again and a few others. If anyone is interested I have a pair of Westone w4r's that I would let go of for a good price. See you tomorrow Jay
I have the same wood box that I got a pair of Lambda Signatures in. Thought it was a nice homemade box. Now uncertain where these type of boxes came from.
Hi jaycalgary You heard any None Oversampling DACs? I find they sound much better than Delta-Sigma DACs including most higher resolution files. It might be worth looking at that. My front end changed a lot (for the better) after I abandoned the over sampling hype / Bull. Let your ears do the talking.....Redbook can sound amazing.   I don't have a whole lot of experience with dac's. I started with a W4S dac2 and wondered if dac's were just bs because something in the...
My Headamp KGSS easily outshines my 717 especially with the 009's. Wish it was closer because it would be so much easier to travel with the 717.
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