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The minimum standard for bad humor should be that it is at least funny to most people. One crowd could read the post and take unintentional offense with race genocide etc etc but is their anyone that will say that was a funny post?
Can't understand why this thread keeps going on and on about the price. Hopefully in a couple years they come out with a plainer less expensive audiophile version. Do you really want a marble amp with motorized tubes and knobs? Probably has a remote. Finally a headphone for the people that run drug cartels.  The 80's must have been the pinnacle of high end audio to drool over and had an unreachable price tag for most. Still I am just hoping they eventually sell the...
Hope they will sell the headphones solo. The headphones look good but the amp looks hideous but even the original looked gaudy but that was a high end style in amps at the time. 
I bought a Stax T1 recently. Left channel has 3 or 4 burnt resisters. I think they are called mini carbon chip resisters. I haven't been able to figure out the wattage or the values so far. The value bands spiral around and can't find info on how to read that. I will post pics below of the damage and the resisters from the right channel. Would be interesting to know what went wrong to make them burn up? r26/28 and r10 went. R40 looks like it took damage from...
Looking forward.
Sure the 009's treble isn't mellowing out on its own with age?
Here is some of my Radford amps. It is the one on the top right.
10 days now and he still hasn't put up his own pictures. I hope it is not a scam. I cant translate enough to make an account to email the guy.
Anybody know dutch to have this ad taken down? This is a scam and I own amp presently and is in my possession.   Power transformer hums a little bit on this one and the bias will go out of whack and make one of the el34s go cherry red. Have not used it since last summer as I have another one that works great. . Trying to figure out...
me too 1pm
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