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Sorry about your wallet!
At The Gates
O___o What?
Yeah well he said everyone had different ears. The HD650 has rolled off treble to me and that's one of the best things about them! It's nice and smooth, something that I personally don't get with the AD2000. There are times where I have to turn the volume down because the treble is causing fatigue.Everyone hears differently. I am intrigued with the AD2000X based on your impressions.The AD2k has way too much clamping if you ask me. It's uncomfortable unless you bend the...
As in the ones where you pay money ->
Nnnnnecroooo post
Just leave a positive feedback if you got what you paid for and be honest in your comments. Just like Ebay, it's hilarious to see how people write negative comments whilst leaving positive feedback. The smart Head-Fi'ers will read the feedback like I do, others will just look at the total feedback count.
Wake/Lift is awesome. Currently listening to On Wings of Wax - The Empty Bed. Post metal from Australia .
Yay for digital downloads .
Or are they?
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