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Things are pretty different now. There is a lot of headphone improvements compared to 10 years ago. Headphones are popular and are fashion items now thanks to the Beats movement.
We pretty much have to look at some boutique stores from Japan, China and Russia who have tried to clone the WE tubes. All very expensive. :/ You raise a really good question. As stated, the demand for tubes is very low and no one would make any serious money out of it.
I haven't done that yet. Might put some SD2k pads on and see what it is like.
Nah they suck. What happens when they jam? I don't really want to pull things apart .
Stomps all over it sounds like a hyperbole.
I think a custom title is in order for you
I don't really listen to mine. Hmm
Strangely enough, the price is pretty much fixed at the RRP set by Audeze. I'm not entirely sure if this is because the demand is so high or because Audeze have 'set' the price in their distribution agreement.
A headphone is a better purchase . Think of the weight loss!
Because he's an audiophille with too much disposable income . And a lucky bugger too. PS: I really like my Metrum Octave with my HD800.
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