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Sorry guys and gals but I have left the club! Enjoy your Beyers everyone
I'm going to go with the Paradox out of what I have owned.
Yeah I'm curious to see the reviews too.
Because the price has gone up and it's not really adding anything else that I want.Mainly the form factor for me.
Up for sale is my DT880 600Ω. I am the second owner. These have had about 10 hours max head time from me. The previous owner had them for less than a month. The headphones are in mint condition with no dings, dents, scratches or marks. The ear pads are as new. All accessories are included as well as the box. Shipping to be via Australia Post Registered - capped at $15.00.
I'm really happy that I have the original Octave.
Tank you my friend. This helps me so much.
So you'll have normal sized ears when your old and wrinkly.
You need some 596ers my friend.The 5u4gs don't really like to work in tandem. I call it a design flaw.
I prefer the GS-1 over the B22 with the HD800. A lot of people sold the HD800 if going by that pairing alone.
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