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Got an ETA on the modules order? Do I just follow the instruction from the original email?
This new and old HD800 thread is rather misleading.
Too much money with too many issues for me.
Nice write up . I really enjoy having a GS-1 and a 2 channel β22. I share many of your views on the differences. I'm wondering if the upgraded modules will add anything to the sound as I pretty much just use my HD800 and Paradox.
It's really good to see the love for the HD800 from those who previously threw it aside for the LCD-Xs. I have owned 2 LCD-2s and still want to give them a go but every single time I have them, I end up feeling unhappy with them for various reasons. I struggle to justify paying so much for the LCD-3. I have no real qualms with the HD800 and like so many of you, have hunted around for the perfect rig. Keep on listening fellas
I have a Lite Audio Dac-83 which few people know about and a Bufffalo 32S. I like the Metrum over them.
I really like the pairing l
Hey you don't have to justify your pricing!
Hey you don't have to justify your pricing!
Just pointing out that the price has increased.
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