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I really want these
Haha. Well for what it's worth, I got the dynalo+ modules for my little GS-1. Been listening to each module for a week on and off. I prefer the HD800 on the + by a long shot. However I like the Paradox on the stock modules. The reason I got then was to drive my single ortho better. Maybe it is and I don't like the sound? Meh.
If you stopped buying and selling your gear, you'd have so much money now.
Besides Andrew, did anyone else upgrade the modules?
Buy it... I'm not an enabler....
Buy it... I'm not an enabler....
Congrats on the purchase. It's my favorite amp so far. It lets me DAC roll.
Just buy the AD2kx mate
Very quickly, the Octave is smoother sounding, having rolled off highs on my system. That really helps with the HD800 on the GS-1. The DAC-83's presentation is tilted towards the lower end of the spectrum which can sound a little odd with certain recordings. I found the DAC-83 to have the best imaging though. It's all a bunch of trade offs and I prefer the Octave on my system.
Well the QuteHD is the dac of the month so I'd love a 50 word comparison . Compared to the Octave, is it more natural sounding? So far you like it more than the Octave.
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