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Can't wait for the impressions!
Have you seen the prices of cars over there?
Thanks for sharing Asr.
Silver is where it is at! Skip the black .
Picture time!!!
Yeah it seems like you have a lot of lovely gear already!
1st bit of advice - don't read too much into reviews. Why not look into an open headphone? You have quite a wide taste in music with different requirements. Have you looked into the AD900X? They meet most of what you want however they aren't going to thump your brains out. That would be unnaturally bassy, something that happens in dubstep.
I really like the MS-1s. Great headphone!
I wouldn't say that tube amps are bass light - it's just an exaggeration of what one can find when they opt for something sub par. I'm not really sure why you want to amp them. Any particular reason? Money could be better spent elsewhere.
All I can say is that the HD800 would be a poor choice if you have no desire to upgrade the rest of your audio chain. You'd have to commit to spending a bit of cash on a nice DAC and headphone amp to get the HD800s to sound good
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