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I am running the NFB-28 and whenever I plug it into the rear USB ports on my pc it says, "USB device over current status will shut down in 15 seconds." Has anyone else had this issue? If so how did they fix it? 
I am selling a pair of HD 600's. They are in good cosmetic condition and flawless working condition. Included is original box and packaging. Also included is a balanced 4pin XLR Amateur ZX cable. Included in cost is shipping and Paypal fees. CONUSA only. $280 OBO. These are from a smoke and pet free environment. 
Both amp, dac and cables. 
Audeze stock 8.2 ft single ended cable for use with entire LCD series. Price is $45.00 which includes all PayPal Fees and USPS priority mail shipping. I am selling this cable because I upgraded to an aftermarket cable. The cable has only a few hours of use and is in very good condition. The cable retails for around $80.00 new. Termination is 1/4 inch or 6.3mm plug.  
 I'm selling a Black Cat Veloce BNC / RCA cable that is 1.23m in length or about 4 feet. This is a very high quality BNC SPDIF cable (for digital audio) that can also be used for RCA since it comes with high quality RCA adapters. Shipping and paypal gift included if shipped in the USA. Shipping extra if shipped out of the country.    Thank you PM with questions
I have a  V-Link for sale. Works perfectly. I will no longer be needing this as I plan on upgrading to another dac and will not need a USB/SPDIF converter.Shipping and pay pal gift included if shipped in USA. Shipping extra if shipped outside USA.    PM me with any offers/questions.    Thanks
Complete Ibasso PB1 and DB1 for sale. Unit sounds great.   Great portable setup for a balanced headphone. Sounds amazing with the HD 600. 25.2 Voltage Swing and 1400mW ouput power. Also comes with a Whiplash interconnect. The whiplash cable alone cost $130. Also comes with a ZX amateur Hirose to 4 pin XLR cable. Also comes with a high quality Wireworld USB cable. Also comes with a 1/4 to 1/8th headphone adapter.  Shipping is included if shipped in CONUSA. Shipping extra...
I have tried the different drivers but they have all failed so far. Does anyone have an Audio GD NFB28 and windows 10 as well? If so how did you get the USB to work. 
I just purchased a NFB 28 2014.Which USB driver would I use for it to work in Windows 10?   Thank you
Could someone post impressions on the LCD2 with the NFB 28?
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