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The bass may be adjusted to your likeness if used with a Laptop or PC with a sound card and a great player such as Foobar2000, you could adjust your EQ and get that bass that the SE530 is capable of delivering. I love my iPhone, but its not the best for audio quality and the EQ is useless.
Definitely go for the S4. Pop/Hip-Hop and S4 go together very well. The Apple IEM's are nice, but they lack the bass, which is surprising since they have 2 BA drivers. They could have done better.
Can you explain the expanding of the ear canals? Have you tried the Comply foam tips? You should try the small comply tips (its what I use) and the IEM's disappear and I dont feel the expanding that I get with silicon tips. What is your music preference?
I dont think burn-in will help any with the muffled highs. Maybe its the adjustment from your other IEM's.
I had the E4c which is basically the same as SCL4. I was not impressed or satisfied. I was almost satisfied when I got the E5c. Is there a certain type of music that you will be listening to?
If you wanted to upgrade your player....what would it be to? The S9 is at the top of PMP. The iPod Touch and iPhone dont compare. There is not sub- or mid-bass with Apple. Just, no bass. Take that money and get a pair of IEM's equal to the price of a new expensive player, rather than buying another player.
If I had an extra grand that I wanted to go Custom with, I would either get the JH-13's or Send in my IE-40 or TF-10 into unique melody and add a few more drivers per ear and see how much the sound has changed and if I am very happy with what I hear, I'll save up a few more hundred bucks and get the JH-13's. It does not cost much to turn the TF-10 into a custom, and if you are not excited everytime you listen to your remolded TF-10, the you have not lost much money,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Young Spade Thanks for the heads up man. I wasn't really planning on getting a UE Custom cable as a replacement but I'll spread the word. This heads up was given over a year ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by iponderous Really? The TF10's and the IE8's sound excellent straight from my 2G ipod touch. Im comparing the sound coming from the iPod Touch and my computer with sound card. Im not saying it sounds bad or un-listenable, just not worth it to me to listen to my fav's if they dont sound great. Have you ever enabled Bass Boost on the just changes the music completely and becomes boomy...yet still no actual...
If the sound has in fact changed or not, its the fact that you believe they changed which is whats important. If you asked me if my IE-40 changed with 100hrs of white and pink noise, I would say that they changed, audible or not, they wear-in. In balanced Armatures there is a thin piece that is being flexed constantly as the springs on your new car, then after many miles your springs feel slightly different when driving (if you pay attention).
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