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Yeah Sennheiser have been good at replaceing them without any fuss. Still you'd think they'd have figured out what's making it happen and solved it by now.They are ideal for me sq and convenience-wise though so until someone comes up with a better universal I'll stick with it.
Very interested! Roll on CES 2015...
Hi, Does anyone know if Sennheiser has solved the "stiffening cable" issue yet with these?   Just sent mine back for replacement for the second time due to this, the first time being around a year ago.    I love these earphones, but this is starting to get a bit annoying now!
My stored media is just my music now, with my collection somewhere around 400gb I think. I used to have a lot of video media, and then my collection was well over a terabyte, but these days I have subscription to video streaming services, and if I really love something and want to own it, I buy the Bluray.
Memory foam won't flatten and lose its shape too quickly like traditional open cell foam pads do, and the protein leather outer skin is easily cleaned.I expect that they will release adhesive replacement pads as these models get older and need them, but there is no serious need for it right now.This isn't like the ATH-M50 where the pads flatten so much that the sound noticably changes within 6 months of daily use. It's another level of quality and durability.
OK some further impressions: A month or so into these, I have to say they rate up there among the best closed cans. As is the Head-Fi way, the Spirit Pro have become the FOTM and the Classic have been somewhat overshadowed, but they are superb headphones and deserve recognition as such. They have largely been compared against the very-similar Spirit Pro, and the fact that they are “slightly warm” in direct comparison has led to some silly “veiled” comments. They are only...
 Maybe they want to see if the Android/WP one sells well enough to justify the manufacturing of the Apple version. There are many more Android devices in circulation than iPhones, so it makes sense to lead with that version. As for differences in sound and cable material - I am on the fence and won't express an opinion. I used to be sure that there was no sonic difference, but recently I have had some experiences that made me think twice. Certainly these metals have...
 It's a lot of money, but is it really out of whack with the market? If you have a look at the price of aftermarket "boutique" IEM cables and extensions people buy which arguably have a less professional finish than the one made by Sennheiser - it doesn't seem outrageous. People assume these boutique cables have some magic properties, but I would personally trust Sennheiser to make a higher quality, more functional cable than any of them.
How do you find the mic being so low on the cable, at the y-split?Do you find you have to lift it up to your mouth to be heard, or does it work OK just leaving it hanging?
"Lossless" is not the key word - "transparent" is, meaning the point at which anyone would fail a DBT between the file and the CD it came from. Whether there is any loss is irrelevant if you can't tell the difference.
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