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 I agree, I don't think they're there yet. The touch-lock screen thing is good for accessing the touch-screen without having to pause or adjust the volume... however you completely loose the ability to adjust the volume, pause, forward or reverse tracks without unlocking.  You either choose one problem or another. The simple solution would be to allow a simultaneous press of two face buttons to unlock.
 Great that works and pressing a button causes no action in this mode, just the lock/swipe screen to appear. Thanks to both for the tip.
 How are you getting that swipe to unlock thing? I've looked at the settings and can't see any options for it. My screen just turns off when it locks, the buttons still work but the touch screen doesn't. To get to the touch screen again I have to do something with the buttons - adjust the volume or pause the track?
It’s a player that sounds great to my ear, especially given the relatively low price. It does have some issues on the functionality side though.   My biggest gripes are:   1. No lock screen/unlock screen button or command. You basically have to either adjust the volume or pause the song to unlock the screen. When you put the device back in your pocket, it’s easy to accidentally skip through a song as the screen is still unlocked.   2. No simple MSC file transfer or...
Unusual to see a first time headphone from a small company actually look well visually designed, comfortable and well produced. I know that's not the most important thing, but personally it's important to me and it shows that the manufacturers care enough to put the effort in.   Tyll seemed pretty impressed with them, I'm looking forward to hearing more about them.
The headband should help a lot with the weight problem, as will the emptiness of the wallet...
 My irony detection is clearly not up to audiophile standards today...
 That is a ridiculous statement.
It may already be somewhere in this thread (it's a looong thread) but has anyone compared the IE800 with the JH Audio Roxanne Universal?   Considering getting some of the Roxannes to compliment my IE800 and wondered what the sonic differences were.
 I'm not a huge fan of the HD800 and I still agree it is vastly, vastly better than the K1000.  I would like someone to revisit the idea of the K1000 with good drivers. It's presentation is unique and engaging but the actual sound quality is pretty grainy and dull.
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