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I bought it from a vendor who's "fulfilled by Amazon." I left a negative feedback and the vendor offered to send a replacement. Now I feel kinda bad... maybe I should've contact them directly first...
Amazon.com   But I bought them new and it seems to come in the right packaging?
I'm on a low budget so I bought some cheap Sennheiser CX300-B, but i'm trying them out right now and there seems to be some problems...   The left side seems "lacking" compared to the right... I tested the earphones with a solid sine oscillator at 50~100Hz, panned completely to one side then the other, and the left side definitely sounds... weaker. Then I switched sides and tested the left plug on my right ear... same results.   Is this normal with new products...
Thanks for all of the responses so far. I'll look up the ones mentioned and do some research tonight
I think I'd like a pair that has a pretty flat response. I really like to listen to music as close to the original as possible.
My CX300's just broke and I need a new cheap pair of IEM's... Can somebody recommend some decent sounding ones that are also pretty cheap (preferably $50 or less, but even up to $100)? Thanks in advance
@leeperry: yeah, i'm sure that there's no inputs whatsoever. i've also tried disabling the wifi. still no effect. as i've said, from the rhythm of the noise, i am pretty sure that it is either my hard-drive or cpu... not sure how those could get crossed up with my audio output... @tricky: thanks for all the tips. i tried all the ones that i can, but there are a few that i don't understand (#4, 6) and a few that don't apply to me since i'm on a laptop (#3, 5). so far the...
okay, I just tried what you recommended, and I think the issue lies elsewhere. there's no difference with the power cable unplugged. the noise I'm hearing is a mid-pitched droning "buzz" also, when I run the cd-drive, electrical whirring noises could be heard. thanks for all of your comments, by the way
Thanks for all the input! @Arctia, no and i'm pretty sure the noise is generated by the hardware running @komi nope, i don't have a mic @leeperry what do you mean by the ground of the plug? do you mean that the power source is the problem? i'm pretty sure it's the harddrive or cpu, because there is an electronic "scratching" that intensifies when programs are running
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