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Thanks Dsnuts, much appreciated. You made my decision easier.
Also curious about the final audio adagio III. Anybody have any experience with those phones? How those the sound/built quality compare to the Sonys.
Thanks for all the help. I think I'm leaning towards the Sony XB90EX. I hate amps sohopefully my iTouch and HTC phone are enough to drive them. I did some research and it seems that accessorieJack is the cheapest place to get them. Does anyone have any experience with them? I will not buy anything in bulk packages out of China or Hong Kong for fear of knockoffs.
Thanks, been trying to decide which one to get. I know that they dont sound the same but, it'll be my first experience with really bassy earphones. I have the triple fi 10, just trying tp get something different. Would you say that the difference in price is justified? Since ican get the JVC for half what the Sony cost.  
Which one is easier to drive? The Sony xb90ex or the JVC fx3x? I have been going through this thread because I'm trying to decide which one to buy. I can get the JVC for about half the price of the Sony, will the Sony be worth the extra money?  
Which one is easier to drive?  
I have two questions for the people who bought the fxd80. First, if you live in the US, where is the best place to buy them online? I mean which is a trustworthy seller in eBay, Amazon, etc? Secondly, how hard are they to drive from an iPod, iTouch?
I have for sale a Klipsch Image SA Black (new version with flat cables). I got it directly from klipsch as a warranty replacement, has been used only for a day, but I am selling as I prefer my other headphones (a TF10 and a Sony MH1c). All accessories included, sleeves have not been used as I prefer Comply.
I recently purchased the reference S4 in ears, and I must say the cables are horrible. They are always tangled, are impossible to put in the provided case, and are incredibly stiff. To make matters worse, the cable has become loose from the left connector, and music has started to crackle. I will contact the customer service department, but my question is if I can be sent one of the new S4 with flat cable for the warranty replacement instead. The cable in the reference is...
Can anyone tell me how easy are they to drive from an itouch? What's the impedance in them? I refuse to carry amps, so a lot of my decisions on what to buy is informed by how easy certain in ears are to drive.
New Posts  All Forums: