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The website says that the Sabre comes with a triple flange and small foam tips, but neither came with my order. I got all the other tips. Anybody knows if they change that?
Does anyone knows what the filters tuning colors are?
Magnetic Sabre...
More pictures
Yes, that's exactly what it is!
http://www.head-fi.org/u/423244/Bobtrinity so what should I do? Give it a few more hours to see if the driver flex issue sorts itself out? Or do I have a defective unit?
Yes, pretty much, and if the delivery happens to be on a rainy day best of luck to you.
Couple of songs in and there is a lot of driver flex, especially on the right earpiece. There is also a kind of "springy" sound on the right earpiece that accompanies the driver flex sound. Don't get me wrong, the songs sound great through the Sabre, but the driver flex is kind of annoying and very present.
So the headphones themselves seem to have no damage. But connecting the cable to the earpieces was a pain in the...well, you know. I don't know if they are supposed to go all the way in (mine won't) and yes, I put them in the right way.
I am in the process of sorting through everything right now.
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