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Sorry this is a question for OP. How is the fit of your case compared to the jack on these? I'm considering getting a speck candy shell, and I want to know if they fit well enough. Thanks
Just a quick question. Does the iPhone cable remote work with the touch 4?
Ha, me too!  
Panasonic hje900 and MTPC.
Do you mind my asking why are you selling it? Has it been used at all? Thanks
I'm debating getting the Sony Walkman E to use but I was wondering if anybody has any experience using them with the coppers? The coppers require quite a bit of volume from my itouch and I was wondering if I would have to put the volume all the way up on the Walkman.
No I used three different email addresses, the price went from $259 to $249, and then I used the original email address and I got an offer for $209. Good luck.
Don't pay that much for them! It was the third time that I offered them $200 that the price got so low. Keep insisting.
Well, I just ordered mine from Onecall. $209.92 shipped using the my price option. Does anybody know if the phonaks ear glides will work with them?
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