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Teo's attitude and business practices definitely makes me feel better. As I said before, LMUE probably has one of the best customer service I have come across in the headphones world (the other being Trinity Audio) and I wouldn't even had mentioned the issue if it wasn't the same that the other poster had. I will wait for my replacement to give my impressions.
It's not like you will get two different sounding earphones, that is not my experience when it comes to filters. Of course you can buy two vyrus and keep two different filters if that's what you want, I just feel that the better investment would be to get a different ie, heck, you might not even end up liking the vyrus that much.
Yeah, that didn't make sense to me either, since all Vyrus will come with the same filters and you can probably buy more filters from Trinity.
What part of that is hard to understand, if you don't mind my asking.
I contacted Teo and he is getting them replaced. It's not the end of the world but it is obvious that the plastic tubing is not supposed to exit to the side like it does on mine, especially since it pushes the right piece out of my ear after a while. Sincerely I wasn't even going to mention it but the fact that another poster had the same issue made me concerned for a moment.
Actually it is. The right side tube in mine came out to the side instead of behind the ear like is supposed to, which would push the piece out after a little while and I imagine puts stress on the cable because is now being twisted to conform to my ear, and CB seems to have the same issue. As I said, hopefully is just a problem with a few of them and not widespread.
I had the same problem and I am in the process of getting them replaced. Teo was very helpful with the problem, so hopefully is just a problem with a few of them and is not widespread. Anybody else encountered this problem? Otherwise is a great little phone.
I have to say that the customer service provided by Teo is spectacular, and the reason why I am a returning customer. Hopefully this phone lives up to the hype, as I said on build quality alone is worth the price of admission.
Ordered mine, I had accumulated store credit points that needed to be used at LMUE and it gave me the perfect excuse (plus I needed an everyday pair) and these phones seems to justify their price on build quality alone (hopefully they sound as good as the early reviews make them sound, I don't expect them to be giant killers or anything like that, just a good pair of $30 headphones with good build).
All the Dunus that I have owned always ended up with a lot of scratches, seems something common with them no matter what care you take. My Titans 3 are without scratches until now (knocks on wood), one of the things I did was replace the case that came with them (bought a metallic one from bigbargainonline), since it seems it was designed for the original Titan and tends to crush the 3 and 5.
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