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Very quickly if you don't mind, how would you rate them in terms of bass, clarity and sound? Which one is the more balanced? Which one is the most bass oriented?
I am interested in giving them a try when they come out. For the people who have tried them, how would you describe their sound? I have both the S0 and the Jives, I'm not a particular fan of the first one but I really like the second one, so obviously I would hope they are more an upgrade to the Jive sound signature than the S0 (I also have listened to the S5 and find the low end bloated).
I got them for around that price. And no question about it, the connectors on the AD01 are better. If it was up to me, all sets with replaceable cables would use this type of connectors, they are much more convenient.
I just typed that little part in caps so it would be clear that, once again, it was just my opinion, so cheers ;-)And they are a sexy set, no question about it.
Which is fine, I just mentioned the Astrotec because that's the set that I compared them to, and the other poster ask about them. I am completely indifferent if somebody here prefers one over the other, I don't get paid to push neither one. I tried to be careful to make sure I didn't say that they were better, and I even mentioned that the things that the Alphas do well, they do really well. Construction is top notch, they come with a lot of tips and a good case, and the...
And just to be clear, this is not a condemnation of the earphones or its sound signature. What they do, they do well, is just that at $100 dollars I was looking to basically an upgrade to the Astrotec, and to me the Alphas are not.
I would definitely recommend the GX-50, they do the sound signature of the AD01 really well for half the price, plus they have a bigger soundstage. I must say do, the Alphas are a good set, and probably for $50-$70 I would've kept them.
I found the bass boomy and not fast enough, but as I said they are not bad, there are a lot of things that they do well, they simply are not to my liking. As I said they were really not an upgrade to my GX-50 and sincerely for $50 dollars less they are more pleasing to me.
Oh I know. I have earphones that are more expensive than that and some that are less. The Astrotec GX-50 and the Brainwavz Jive are a couple of examples of two that are cheaper than the AD01 but that I prefer. As I said, I didn't find them bad, just unimpressive at their price point, nothing more than that.
Yes, the AD01 definitely has a few things going for it. As I said, I don't think that they are bad, only that I at that price point, and even for less than that there are headphones that I prefer. The Astrotec GX50 also have detachable cable and zero driver flex, and I prefer their sound anyways.
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