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The Sabres.
Oh, and listening to instrumental songs (like a lot of the finish bands or Kamelot) is great with the Sabre.
I think I have moved on from the red filters but I don't think I could go past the yellow ones because of the bass. Yellow and orange (depending on the song) are perfect for me.
I think you are right and they were definitely talking about the Sabre. That is why I became interested in the Delta's (the ability to modify more than just the bass), but I ended up going for the Vyrus (that will have the same filters, although I understand that they are not at the same level) and also the Bluetooth lanyard (that will work for both the Sabre and Vyrus).
Well, after about a week of listening to my replacement Sabre I am going back and forth between the gold, red, and orange filters. I find the changes to be very subtle and focused on the lower regions (bass). I don't think I'll have much use for the gunmetal or purple but I'll give them a listen eventually.
I know and is something prevalent at headfi. Mine was a genuine question, mostly out of curiosity, that got answered and we moved on. The other poster response was inappropriate, almost suggesting that I wanted a product for free. Anyways, I'll move on because I already got my answer and I don't want to derail the topic.
Mine was just a question considering that I have purchased from them before. So can the attitude.
I already have the Sabre and decided to get the Vyrus because of the Bluetooth lanyard option. I was interested in the Delta as well but I think I will be happy with the Sabre and Vyrus and the Bluetooth option.
Well, it would be understandable if Trinity only accepts one code per purchase. Plus I can save the other discount for a next purchase I suppose
Would it be possible to use both the headfi member and Trinity account discount together? Anybody knows? I don't see an option for both at the checkout.
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