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Yes I am talking about the Sabres, and the connectors have the little piece of plastic so you put it in the right way. There was a little space when I connected the cables to the drivers that a lot of people were commenting on, and I finally decided to reconnect mine and now they just sit flush.
After reading about the cables I disconnected and reconnected the cables to the earpieces and what do you know, they actually sit flush now. It doesn't required strength so much as aligning the two prongs with the holes correctly.
I have to say, with the red filters and even the orange ones, the bass in some songs can be massive with the Sabre. I'm starting to favor the gold filters myself.
Yes, there is no difference in sound among the same colors. The difference in lengthy only helps with insertion and fitment.
I have the Titan 3 and I also don't perceive them as thin sounding.
The price should be the actual price. They were cheaper about two months ago which was the preorder price. With either the headfi discount or the website account discount this should be a bargain. Even though I already have the Sabre I ended up ordering them anyways. They should make great everyday iem, although with all the extras that Trinity has added to them I might not want to treat them as an everyday set .
The bass goes deep but is definitely not a "bass head" iem. Instrument separation is great which is why I think it works so well with instrumental songs.
The Sabres.
Oh, and listening to instrumental songs (like a lot of the finish bands or Kamelot) is great with the Sabre.
I think I have moved on from the red filters but I don't think I could go past the yellow ones because of the bass. Yellow and orange (depending on the song) are perfect for me.
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