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All the Dunus that I have owned always ended up with a lot of scratches, seems something common with them no matter what care you take. My Titans 3 are without scratches until now (knocks on wood), one of the things I did was replace the case that came with them (bought a metallic one from bigbargainonline), since it seems it was designed for the original Titan and tends to crush the 3 and 5.
Where will the meeting be held at? It'll depend on how I feel, I had a few medical issues this last month.
I don't know about the 5, but the 3 are some of the easiest pairs to drive that I have ever owned, and can get pretty loud pretty easily.
Hi, would it be possible to get a few pics of the new cables?
I imagined it would be, as I said before the Vyrus was tempting as an everyday pair (I had the RHA 500, but my wife took one listen to them and now they are hers) but the Sabres were too tempting not to get now. So they are still in my future and I'll make sure my Trinitys stay hidden.
Sorry :-p didn't know I was supposed to, and since the order went through anyways :-D, plus we communicated beforehand to change the order, so oops (and hopefully this doesn't create problems for the order, will make sure I do that in the future-still want that Vyrus, just can't afford both of them right now-).
I used the discount on the preorder and it was accepted, I didn't even need to put my headfi user name, maybe Bobtrinity can clarify that?
I decided to take the plunge and pre-order the Sabre. I was on the fence between them and the Audio Technica, but the pre-order price combined with the headfi discount made them a bargain in comparison, not to mention the removable cable and multiple filters. I had originally ordered the Vyrus, but Bob was cool and let me change the order for the Sabres (I still might get them in the future, as I want an everyday pair). This will be my first Trinity pair (I recently got...
Is there a way to take a look at the new cable and connections? Curious about them as we have only seen the earpieces.
Preordered! Are we going to get more pictures as we get closer to the release date?
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