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I have both and the Shure don't even come close. The SE 215 are good for what they are, fun headphones for people that want a warm, not critical listening. They are outclassed by the V Sonics on pretty much everything, is not even a contest. In fact, they are not the best in their price bracket, and in fact even headphones that are cheaper, like the Dunu's Landmine, are better. Of course, personal preference plays a huge part in our selection, and you might prefer the...
Just get a case from mp4 nation (brainwavz) or meelectronics, they both get the job done and are cheaper.
Yeah, I bought 3 V-Sonics from LMUE and all three of them came very quickly. I am located in the US so I know that at least 2 of my items came from their warehouse in the States, so that can make a difference, but I also got the VSD1that they sent from Singapore and that only took a week. If you have a Facebook account, I would recommend that you go to their page and message them there, for some reason they actually answered faster than when I sent them an email.
I will, but I want to spend a few more days with my BE before I compare it to the XB90EX, both for burn in reason as well as I want to get used to its sound signature.
Wow. I got my GR07BE as a birthday gift from my girlfriend last Sunday, and I am impressed. Definitely one of the best universals I have ever heard, doesn't really lack anything in any frequency. I mean, yeah, if you don't like the sound signature I can understand that, but from a technical standpoint, they are impressive, specially at the current price point. I was fearful that they wouldn't have enough bass, but they actually hit pretty deep. And the clarity? Oh my. And...
Somebody knows if the V-Moda bliss tips fit the GR07BE/VSD1's nozzle.
Somebody knows if the V-Moda bliss tips fit the GR07BE/VSD1's nozzle.
I'm really interested in opinions of people who have heard both, which headphones do you find better? These or the GR07? Im considering both for my next purchase, but i'm still kind of undecided.
How easy are they to drive via an iPod touch 5? Are they loud enough? Both my GR99 and GR02 are very easy to drive, and was wondering if the GR07 BE are as well.
Hi. Up for grabs is a TF10 with less than a year of use. Everything that came with the package is included, meaning tips, hard case, and cable. I'll also include a vi cable (the one with the mick) and a FiiO cable. Pictues to com later. I will send them with the original box. They dont even have a month of use, perfect condition.
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