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The pictures went live on Instagram and sincerely, they look better than the Sabre. Don't get me wrong, I love my Sabre, but there is something about those Vyrus that make them more appealing visually to me.
The gunmetal Hyperion is appealing, but I just ordered the Vyrus and is supposed to be a better version of that phone so...
The easiest way to know is to look at the jack. The old version had the straight thin jack, the new version a 90 degree angled jack.
He probably has the revised version with the fixed cables, but not the new version. I think the only color options they have for the new version is transparent black and red/blue.
Sorry, meant to say my new VSD3S. And yes, the build quality of the new version is way better than the old one, s or no s version.
Don't know, he sent me the DHL reference number to track the package.
I'm asking because I didn't get one for my Sabres either, they just showed up at my door one day. In fact I asked Bob about it and he sent me the tracking number but I got his message the same day that my Sabre arrived.
I didn't get a shipping notification, was everybody sent one?
I just got my new VSDS3 in red/blue and I have to admit that the new built quality has simply blown me away. I had the original VSD3 in the same color combination (with detachable cables) that I ended up selling, and the built improvements are obvious. The shells now join seamlessly unlike in the original where I could actually notice the glue on them. Great upgrade from a built quality point of view.
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