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I tried and I really wanted to like these ie, and soundwise they are really good for the price, but I just received my second replacement pair and it has worse issues than the original ones. The plastic tubing on the right piece comes of the side which makes the wired come out of my ear every couple minutes. And to make matters worse, I am experiencing worse driver flex out of both sides. I sino know if I keep getting replacement out of a bad batch, but the issues are...
Yeah, I just did. The driver flex is getting worse and the sound changes on the right piece because of it. I wonder if the problem is limited to a few D2, or is more widespread, but this is my second faulty pair :-(
Yeah, I don't know what to do now, I could contact Teo again or just keep them as they are, but the driver flex issue is actually getting worse.
Sucks as this is my second pair, and the plastic tubing issue is not as bad as the first pair, but the driver flex is really putting off. Having serious buyer regret now, and kinda sucks as I really enjoy the sound.
Also, I just noticed that I get a lot of driver flex on the right piece when putting it on/putting my finger on it, anybody else is noticing driver flex?
Yeah, me too. In fact I only use spinfits with my Titan 3.
Thanks, just what I was thinking/hoping for.
@Bobtrinity which of the three phones (Sabre, Master4, Master6) would be the easiest to drive from an itouch/smart phone? I'm thinking (hoping) it would be the Sabre but I am curious.
I used it on my Sabre preorder with no problems, I don't know why people think you can't.
Well, I got my replacement D2 and the tubing is better but still somehow crooked, but not as bad as the first one. At this point I have to say that the weak point in the built of this ie is the plastic tubing, and I would prefer if LMUE simple didn't include them and had included ear guides instead. Other than that, is a great little phone to use on the go, easy to drive and cannot find any faults in the sound for the price. The only other thing is that I would prefer if...
New Posts  All Forums: