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Weird, I just bought the red and blue VSD3s but just got charged $45. LMUE seems to have made a mistake with the pricing and corrected it almost immediately, but my order went through before that.
Errm... You do know that Audio-Technica is a Japanese company, not a ‘western one,' right?
We'll, I'll be waiting for the preorder for the VSD3 in 10 days then. Hopefully it'll be worth it.
I wonder who actually has the right information. LMUE is a VSonic authorized reseller, but their information seems to condradict what I have been hearing about the VSD3/VSD3S these last few months.
Ok LMUE is confusing the...out of me. Now they claim that their preorder is for the VSD3s, not the VSD3. And that the difference between the two is that actually the VSD3s is the more balanced of the two, while the VSD3 has the stronger bass.
Now I am confused. LMUE told me that the VSD3 should sound like the Westone 4r, the VSD5 should sound like the Shure 535, and they have no idea on the VSD3S.
Strange, LMUE claims that the sound signature of the VSD3 is like the Westone 4r. My understanding was that the VSD3 was supposed to be Shure SE535 like and that the VSD3s was supposed to be closer to Westone. Anyone has heard differently? Any official confirmation from VSonic?
Is it better than the GR 06 though? I already have the VSD 1, but I'm looking for something with better build.
Oh I know, I have the GR 07 BE. I was just looking into getting a companion ie for every day use, and I though the GR 06 (or the NVX) would be a good choice, since I don't need such a detailed ie when I'm commuting, but I like their form factor. I also wanted something relatively easy to drive from my itouch, and I heard the GR 04 is harder to drive. I'll look into them though.
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