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Oh, and the Brainwavz name is already coming off the left housing.
Correction, some of my songs require a bit more power, others get pretty loud at my regular volume levels.
Well, I just got the S5 and...the splitter is actually the same as before, so that was disappointing (just as big as I remember, why couldn't they just adapt the one on the S0/S3 as they did for the S1)? The jack is thankfully the same as the S0, and comes with the clearwavz remote that's compatible with Apple products. The bass is as overpowering as I remember but it is not a deal breaker, it takes a little more power to run it than the S0/S1/Jives, and is incredible...
I'm on the same boat. I like the redesigned jack/splitter but don't like the idea of a remote, but for that price is a good deal regardless. I will report my impressions on the sound when I get them.
The new version of the S5 (with the remote and smaller jack/splitter) is on sale at the Brainwavz site for $60. Couldn't resist at that price so I got one, will see how they work out.
I imagine because some people prefer to wear headphones over ear. It also helps with the microphonic issue that some ie have.
I did get the S500 through Amazon.com, but the S500i are available now at the Apple store. That's were I tried them before I purchased them. If you have one close I would go there, if not I imagine they already have them online.
The thing is, I don't know if technology is advancing at a pace where the lower price on these is justified, or really a lot of the microdrivers headphones out there (like the Yamahas) are/were really overpriced. I think they go for $90 now, and even then I would recommend the S500 over them and the ones that Audio Technica released a few years ago.
I didn't think they were bad, but I don't have them anymore so that should be a sign that they were not a favorite of mine. This S500 are definitely better in my opinion though.
Please keep in mind that these are very early impressions, without any burn in if you believe in it and with just a few songs, but for now I'm really glad I got them. And I really have to wonder how can RHA afford to sell them at these price. Between built quality and performance they really just kill the competition. They only negatives I can think of is that the cable, without music playing, is very microphonic, and the almost sibilant upper region in a couple songs.
New Posts  All Forums: