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That's the thing, I like treble and don't have issues with it. A lot of my iems (triple Fi 10, a couple of the VSonic) supposedly have aggressive treble but it has never affected me
For now I am going between gold and gunmetal (all damped since I can't use the undamped filters). The silver (undamped or otherwise) suffer the same problem as the red filters on my Sabre (too much bass for me). Haven't tried the purple but if is anything like the purple on the Sabre I won't like them (not enough bass). Can't wait to try the undamped filters.
Yeah, it sucks specially considering that I also had issues with my first Sabre. Luckily Trinity's customer service has been spectacular till now and they had them replaced quickly. And at least now the issue is with a couple filters so at least I can still listen to them.
Thanks! Well, I am happy that the Vyrus arrived for my birthday, couple of filters issue aside. Haven't had much time with them since I left with the wife for the beach earlier in the week (just got back), but I like what I hear. My Sabre are still the superior iem when it comes to sound, but the little buggers are something else/special. And with all the extra accessories is really an impressive package, especially when you consider that they originally were not supposed...
Just for clarification, the damped filters are the ones with that little mesh inside, right?
Thanks for the clarification. Sadly the other two filters are defective.
I just got my Vyrus. Sadly, two of the filters are defective (the grill on one the undamped yellow is misaligned, the grill on the undamped purple is covered on some white substance that won't come off) and I am missing a pair of the undamped gunmetal ones.
Yup, still waiting for mine as well.
It is strange because I did get the email shipping notification for the kombi tips but nothing for the Vyrus.
Has anybody in the US already received their Vyrus?
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