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My coupon says it will expire on January 18?
Their costumer service is second to none, but...this is the third faulty cable that I have been sent, either I have really bad luck when it comes to them or their QC issues are more widespread than I originally thought. I cannot be contacting them every few weeks with a new issue, is a waste of my time and theirs, I have the new Atlas/Delta on preorder and the only reason (besides the sound) that is keeping me from cancelling is the promised redesigns and better quality.
Yes, I am very aware of that, I own two of their products and know how their cables go in. The connector itself is smaller, off by very little but enough to cause this issue. I tried the cable on both my Vyrus and Sabre.
The connectors on the cables are an issue. They are not the same size among cables and that's why some of them will go all the way in and some of them won't. I just received my third replacement and it will barely go in, is so difficult in fact that when I forced it in it started to split my Sabre. I already contacted Trinity but this is getting frustrating, as much as I like their products both iems that I bought from them had issues right of the gate.
I'm glad the braided cables are gone. I know some people loved them but they only were a pain to me, hard to untangle and the threading would come undone in a short time. On top of that I had 3 of them fail, so I am not sad to see them gone. So from what I am understanding we will be able to upgrade the Sabre and Vyrus for the newer versions, right @Bobtrinity? I liked everything about them except the cables (with the exception of the fabric cable, to me that was the...
I understand the issues that people have with QC even though Trinity has gone above and beyond to deal with my issues, but a lot of the issues persist still. Both the braided cables that came with my Vyrus and Sabre failed, and so did the replacement I got sent. So even though I appreciate the costumer service that Trinity offers (second to none) I also understand the frustration/disappointment that some are feeling right now. Until I get the cable situation sorted out I'm...
I have to say that the two iems I have gotten from Trinity had issues with the cable and both had to be replaced. Maybe having a braided cable is not ideal and Trinity should look into completely scraping them. I would really prefer to have the cloth cable without the mic.
I could've requested a cancellation on my Atlas/Delta preorder since with the Black Friday discount it would've been cheaper than the preorder price, but this company has been so good when it comes to replacements/warranty issues and even sending me free accessories that I think they deserve to be rewarded, so I keep it as it is as I already got them at a discount anyways. Keep up the good work.
I've had them for a while as well but I'm not experiencing any of this. The only thing I can think of is that one of your driver's is out of phase from the other in which case I would contact RHA for a warranty claim.
Shipping for the Atlas/Delta has been changed from November to November/December on the Trinity official website.
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