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I have to say that the two iems I have gotten from Trinity had issues with the cable and both had to be replaced. Maybe having a braided cable is not ideal and Trinity should look into completely scraping them. I would really prefer to have the cloth cable without the mic.
I could've requested a cancellation on my Atlas/Delta preorder since with the Black Friday discount it would've been cheaper than the preorder price, but this company has been so good when it comes to replacements/warranty issues and even sending me free accessories that I think they deserve to be rewarded, so I keep it as it is as I already got them at a discount anyways. Keep up the good work.
I've had them for a while as well but I'm not experiencing any of this. The only thing I can think of is that one of your driver's is out of phase from the other in which case I would contact RHA for a warranty claim.
Shipping for the Atlas/Delta has been changed from November to November/December on the Trinity official website.
@Bobtrinity, any news on the new Atlas/Delta? How is the production going with them?
Yes, both my Vyrus and Sabre do that.
Already implemented on the Sabre and Vyrus.
Up for sale I have a barely used Sabre. Excellent ie with dual pull/push technology in like new condition. Comes with box and all tips and filters.
Does anybody know for how long the pre-order price for the new Atlas-Delta will run? Bob?
Since the Vyrus have been 'adopted' into the Phantom family/models, shouldn't they be rechristened as the Phantom Vyrus?
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