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?????? Wow, I really don't know what to tell you, but the Shure's are a bassy headphone. And you really should not have an issue with either sibilant highs or microphonics. The only thing I could think of is that you got a faulty unit, really. Shure's are not known for piercing highs, in fact their house sound is known for being smooth highs and pronounced mids, and the 215, being their first foray into dynamic drivers, had a more elevated bass response than the rest of...
Yes, at the end of the day, this hobby is all about preference, and this being headfi I guess I should always have a disclaimer that the opinions I write are, at the end of the day, my opinions. The thing is, I also took price/performance ratio into account, and given that the Shures cost double what the VSONIC do, yeah, I feel confident in saying that they are better (I do feel that all Shure phones are way overpriced for what they offer, and cost double what they really...
I had the Shure 215, and I can tell you that the VSD3s runs circles around them. The bass on the 215 overpowers the rest of the frecuencies making the 215 a very dark phone. The VSD3s still has a bass that goes deep without darkening the sound to the point that the 215 does. Is really is a case of the vsd3s being an incredible deal at its current price and the 215 being overpriced for what it offers. I find that the VSD1 also has a superior presentation to the 215....
What everybody else has said. These are very efficient/easy to drive headphones. I listen to less than 50% volume from my iTouch 5. 60% seems excessive.
This is true. I have both as well and I find the VSD3s more comfortable. Comfort really depends on the shape of your ears as well as the shape of the phones themselves.
So i just got my new VSD3S from LMUE. Impressions to come at a later date, but here are some pictures.
I see that you have Dunu's dual driver iem as well. I recently bought it when they went on sale at LMUE for US$88. Which one would you say is the better value? Just curious.
For those interested, I have both the VSD1 and GR07 BE, and I'm waiting for the arrival of my new VSD3S, so I can write comparisons with them.
Well, my VSD3S red-blue has been shipped and are on their way. Now the waiting game begins.
It was a mistake on LMUE part. But since it was their mistake, they will honor the price so I got the VSD3s red and blue for only $45.
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