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For Sale I have a Sony XB90EX, everything included, box, case, assortment of tips. Excellent condition, minor scratches on the back metal part, nothing that affects the earphones or sound at all. Great for those of you looking for a big bass sound that doesn't bleed or pushes the mids back. Asking for US $45 +shipping.
I have a practically new VSonic VSD3s red blue version for sale (detachable cable version). All accessories and box included. Asking for $30 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
I have for sale a barely used DUNU DN-900, bught last year. It comes with packaging and all accessories. Asking for $60+Shipping.
There is no contest between the 215 and the BE, unless you have issues with hot treble where the smoother 215 might be more to your liking (I don't have issues with the BE treble but other users have so you'll have to see). In terms of separation and tightness of the bass though, the VSonic is much better. The 215 do have more bass, but it is looser and flabby, and it colors the other frequencies.
I mean is ok, as I said we all hear things differently and getting different opinions is what this forum is all about. As I said before, I was never really impressed with the 215 for the price, the XB90EX Produce more bass, but is also more controlled an manages the rest of the frequencies better. I can only imagine that if you like the gr06 you will be very satisfied with the vsd3s, especially compared to the 215. I personally even like the vsd1 better, and the vsd3s is...
I cannot give an opinion on the GR06 as I have never heard them, but I remember the bass response on the Shure tilting towards bommy. All Shure headphones are known for being mid centric, that's their house sound. I never found the 215 to have a particular quality bass response as I found the bass to be too flabby for my tastes, and phones like the Sony XB90EX, the Dunu dn23, or the Yamahas eph-100 to have better controlled bass (I own all 3). I feel that vds3s have less...
Yeah, is part of Shure house sound, dark treble and pronounced mids. And Vsonics are known for having a hot treble response in their phones, as is part of their particular house sound. I guess is true what they say about we all hearing things differently, is just that the 215 are known for being on the “darker side” of sound presentation, so it made me curious.
The 215 were a bassy headphone with every single pair of tips that I tried them with. Yeah, some tips made the bass response more pronounced than others, but not one made them bass shy or have sibilant highs. And I really cannot help you with the microphonics issue, as I never experienced it with them.
?????? Wow, I really don't know what to tell you, but the Shure's are a bassy headphone. And you really should not have an issue with either sibilant highs or microphonics. The only thing I could think of is that you got a faulty unit, really. Shure's are not known for piercing highs, in fact their house sound is known for being smooth highs and pronounced mids, and the 215, being their first foray into dynamic drivers, had a more elevated bass response than the rest of...
Yes, at the end of the day, this hobby is all about preference, and this being headfi I guess I should always have a disclaimer that the opinions I write are, at the end of the day, my opinions. The thing is, I also took price/performance ratio into account, and given that the Shures cost double what the VSONIC do, yeah, I feel confident in saying that they are better (I do feel that all Shure phones are way overpriced for what they offer, and cost double what they really...
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