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Troll? I paid $350 for a product that I still have not been able to try. That gives me the right to complaint about the built quality of the product, regardless of how quickly a representative got back to me. Considering that I am not the only one that has gotten a badly built one, I am guessing this is not an isolated insident. by the way, since you don' t personally know me, I will apreciate if you refrain of calling me names.
Quote: Originally Posted by p0wderh0und23 We'll get ya squared away. Sorry that happened. What can one do, seems the Shure story all over again. Well, that ought to teach me to not trust reviews of products done by fans of the product.
Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 p0wderh0und23 is his HF moniker, but why not just return them where you got them, since they are so new? Or did you get them direct from Westone? Either way, you will have no problems getting a new replacement pair is my guess. This is not the norm, as all manufacturers have issues. But Westone customer service is very good, from what I have read. And Doug, the rep, is also very, very helpful. I got them online...
Quote: Originally Posted by pedxing I would try to get the repaired or exchanged - loose wires in the long term becomes looser until something gives. You can try contacting the merchant you bought them from, but you can also contact Westone's customer service. I only had success contacting Westone through their online web form after my pair broke. Man this sucks. This is the first time that I have a defective unit right out of the box,...
I just got my UM3X last saturday. I was going for the new Westone 2, then decided to get the UM2, and finally settled on the UM3X, simply because I didn't want to upgrade later. Sadly, I just notice that the right cable is loose where it joins the phone. It hasn't affected the sound yet, but I wonder if thids is normal of these phones, or if I got a deffective unit. If so, is there someone to contact, or should I send them derectly to westone?
Aaaaarrrgghhhhh, I just got the Westone UM3X. Had I waited a couple days, I would've gotten these. Right now though, I just can't spend more money on earphones. Killer deal, though.
Does anyone have any experience dealing with newegg? I just sold a bunch of my earphone to fund for my shure 530, and saw that newegg is selling them for $288. I know you can find them cheaper in both Amazon and eBay, But I don't trust eBay when it comes withcounterfeit control and with Amazon i would be dealing with a bunch of third party sellers, so newegg seems the best compromise out of the three.
I have for sale an almost new IE7 with about 10 days of use. Bought it new. I will throw 3 extra sets of Compy, 2 phonaks ear glides and 2 pair of UE tips. Asking for US $160.
I started using the tips that came with my Skullcandy, and not only they fit me perfectly, but provide much more isolation than any other tip. Is strange taht for a company that spent that much money on headphones, they provide such crappy tips, especially for earphones that are so dependant on tips for sound.
I just got my FiiO E3 to use with my Sennheiser IE7. I know some people here say that is not necessary with the IE7, but it was so cheap and provided a much needed volume boost. It pretty much saved the IE7 for me. I really like the sound signature now. Also to those who suggested to buy the eBay double flanges, great choice, much better than the tips provided with the IE7. Now waiting for the UE Super 5 pro tips and the Sony tips to arrive.
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