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Looking to sale a barely used Westone UM3X that I had remolded by Fisher a few months ago. The monitors are in excellent condition, I just decided to get different headphones. You will have to get this remolded. I will throw in a couple of cords from Fisher, so if you get them remolded by them you won't need to get the cords. Asking for US $170.
If you can get it from around $100, I would recomend the ATH CKS70.
Uhmmmm...the Shure line is pretty bad all around, i used to own the 110 and 210 and they both were outperformed by headphones that cost far less. Currently i have the ath cks70 it kicks the ass of both of them. The klipsch X5 is probably the harshest IEM that I have ever owned, so much that I sold it after a week of use as I couldn't stand it. Currently I have the um3x as well, which came with a loose cable but Westone honored the warranty, although they sent me twice...
Isn't Razor_dog deals over eBay an authorized dealer? He usually sells them between $260-$290 and provides a receipt from Sennheiser. Really $330 is way overpriced.
They scream fake. I saw them as well, I don't think the seller has any feedback yet.
Or you could just give her your IEM and you have the perfect excuse to get new earphones for yourself. If you go the Shure route forget about the SE 110 and get the SE 115, they are superior in every single way to even the 210. If you get the Etymotic get the H2 or H5.
That's impossible to answer since it comes down to personal preference. I seem to have discovered that I prefer dynamic drivers over BA, as I like the Klipsch S4 but cannot stand the X5. The only exception to this rule is the H5 which I actually enjoy. Some people prefer the clarity of BA, others the fun factor of dynamic drivers.
I didn't know they did custom tips for the IE8. But I see that is a company located in England. Does anyone know if they would ship to the USA? Or a company that produces them here?
Who did you get them from?
The static is normal for all IE Sennheiser. It goes away after a few hours of use.
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