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I would definitely recommend the GX-50, they do the sound signature of the AD01 really well for half the price, plus they have a bigger soundstage. I must say do, the Alphas are a good set, and probably for $50-$70 I would've kept them.
I found the bass boomy and not fast enough, but as I said they are not bad, there are a lot of things that they do well, they simply are not to my liking. As I said they were really not an upgrade to my GX-50 and sincerely for $50 dollars less they are more pleasing to me.
Oh I know. I have earphones that are more expensive than that and some that are less. The Astrotec GX-50 and the Brainwavz Jive are a couple of examples of two that are cheaper than the AD01 but that I prefer. As I said, I didn't find them bad, just unimpressive at their price point, nothing more than that.
Yes, the AD01 definitely has a few things going for it. As I said, I don't think that they are bad, only that I at that price point, and even for less than that there are headphones that I prefer. The Astrotec GX50 also have detachable cable and zero driver flex, and I prefer their sound anyways.
No, in fact if you see my profile you can see I have/had a few i.e. that are very bass oriented. It is not the earphone signature that I have an issue with, is that I don't think that is really an impressive sound at the $100 mark. As I said, the Astrotec GX-50 offers a very similar sound that I actually prefer, and is definitely a "bassy" signature. At $100 and with the competition they face I don't think that they are worth it, for $50 or even $70 I would consider them....
Well, I got them and...I'm not really impressed by them to be honest. They are more difficult to drive than my other sets, and sincerely my $50 Astrotec G50 sounds better to me. Built is top notch, has a lot of tips, a cool case, they are surprisingly not heavy and comfortable, but sound wise they are really not that impressive. If they were a $50-$70 set I could justify the cost, but at $100 there's simply too much competing, better IEs.
Does anyone know the release date for these?
Thanks for the input guys. I'm looking for a set that I can wear down, since all of my other gear is over the ear, that's why I'm interested.
Yeah, thanks for the fast response. I am just worried about size and weight and they possibly pulling out of my ears while walking, and being easy to drive out my iTouch (no amp). Otherwise they seem right up my alley.
I have a few questions about these. How big are the earpieces, do you guys have difficulty keeping them on? Is the silver bullet very shinny/bilingual? How easy/difficult are they to drive (seems there are two opinions about it)? Thanks.
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