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Or you could just give her your IEM and you have the perfect excuse to get new earphones for yourself. If you go the Shure route forget about the SE 110 and get the SE 115, they are superior in every single way to even the 210. If you get the Etymotic get the H2 or H5.
That's impossible to answer since it comes down to personal preference. I seem to have discovered that I prefer dynamic drivers over BA, as I like the Klipsch S4 but cannot stand the X5. The only exception to this rule is the H5 which I actually enjoy. Some people prefer the clarity of BA, others the fun factor of dynamic drivers.
I didn't know they did custom tips for the IE8. But I see that is a company located in England. Does anyone know if they would ship to the USA? Or a company that produces them here?
Who did you get them from?
The static is normal for all IE Sennheiser. It goes away after a few hours of use.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gbjerke Go for it I see you have both IEM (UM3X and IE8). How would you compare the isolation between the two. I know the 8s don't isolate anywhere near the Westones, but is the difference really noticiable?
Oh, I know that they are very different animals, which is the reason why I want to get them. No point in getting two similar sounding headphones at that price range. I willl probably, either get the 3x reshelled into customs, or if I prefer the sound signature in one of them more, just selling the other. Quote: Originally Posted by mvw2 I see you use the UM3X. I'll just note that the IE8 is sort of on the other end of the spectrum in terms of a lot...
I used to own the Sennheiser IE7, but sold it to get the Westone UM3X. Since mine came defective out of the box and had to be send to Westone for a replacement, I have been left without a good pair of earphones. After all this time, I have realized that I actually miss the sound of my IE7, and have been thinking in getting another pair. But then, I thought to myself, why not upgrade to the 8s instead? This is where my dilema comes. I have read a few reviews and some...
As the other poster pointed out, a couple of sales reduced the price to $79. Which is, by the way, normal for most IEs. They start out at a very inflated price and come down to a more reasonable price eventually, only with the REO it was a very dramatic reduction in price.
Sound Quality? From Bose? At Headfi? Oh my, let me get the popcorn...
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