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Any news on the upgrade cables for the T3/T5?
I have actually auditioned them, and currently own the 3, and since I listen to a lot of the same music I would recommend the 3 over the 5. The 5 is not as mid forward as the 3 and pushes the lower (bass) frequency up front, which to me doesn't work as well. Of course I feel they are much more similar than different, and can't really go wrong with either, but for that specific genre I would go with the 3.
Actually Penon is selling it for 4 dollars cheaper.
What would be the best place to purchase them from? Lendmeurears or Penon audio? Or their eBay stores?
For sale I have a Westone ADV Beta in excellent condition. Asking for $30. All accessories included.
For sale I have an Astrotec GX-50 in excellent condition. All tips and pouch are with it. Asking for $35. Only ships to the USA.
Yeah, that issue sounds rather strange. They are pretty much plug and play for me.
Yes it is for those of us who have cases. Where did you get yours? I was thinking of getting it through Amazon but now I worry they have old stock. Maybe it would be better to buy directly from RHA?
Compare the jack in your own photos to those in other pictures in headfi or the internet. There seem to be two versions going around.
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